Travis County Early Voting Results: Day Seven

Turnout strong and rising before weekend lull

By Richard Whittaker, 11:54AM, Mon. Oct. 29, 2012

Travis County Early Voting Results: Day Seven

Early voting in Travis County remains strong, but down from 2008. But first, an important message for all Texas voters: If someone tells you that you need photo ID to vote, tell them they're wrong. That's a tragic fight we're seeing, and it's even affected one of Texas' most respected political journalists, Wayne Slater.

The Dallas Morning News reporter wrote yesterday about how a Williamson County election supervisor repeatedly rebuffed his attempts to vote, claiming he did not have enough ID. Know your rights, folks, and be like Slater: Make sure you don't get deprived of your right to vote.

Now, the Travis County turnout. Last week, in-person voting continued to pick up momentum, rising Wednesday through Friday. The numbers, understandably and explicably, dropped off over the weekend. With several major events downtown, including the Texas Book Festival and Wizard World Austin Comic-Con, plus an away Longhorns game, and no mail-in ballots counted, Saturday fell but not dramatically. Honestly, it's almost a surprise that Sunday's numbers are as high as they are, because a lot of people didn't think the polls were open then.

However, turnout is still lagging well behind the numbers for 2008, and early voting is only open until Friday, Nov. 2. Back then, 302,426 Travis County residents (49.64% of registered voters) took advantage of early voting. With only five days left, we're at barely a third of that total.

Travis County Voters In Person Mail In Ballots Total %age registered voters
Day One 16,378 4,557 20,935 3.3
Day Two 16,387 1,172 17,559 2.77
Day Three 16,721 1,349 17,726 2.79
Day Four 17,494 1,138 18,632 2.93
Day Five 18,777 861 19,638 3.09
Day Six 14,973 0 14,973 2.36
Day Seven 7,956 0 7,956 1.25
Total 108,644 8,733 117,377 18.49%

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