Early Voting Results: Day Three

Turnout holds steady and should break 10% today

By Richard Whittaker, 12:41PM, Thu. Oct. 25, 2012

Early Voting Results: Day Three

With three days down and nine to go, early voting turnout in Travis County is remaining pretty static. After a first day bulked up by incoming mail-in ballots, in-person voting actually rose on Tuesday and Wednesday. For the life of us, we can't remember the last time that happened.

Normally, you expect some drop-off, just because the excited voters make their way to the polls asap, and then it's a case of meandering over. Yet again, mobile voter sites have really succeeded, with 3,398 ballots cast.

There's a few theories floating around, not least that there is less early voting excitement than in 2008. That lead to a monumental first day turnout of 25,000 votes. Plus, with a supersized ballot, including city and county amendments, plus AISD and ACC trustees, voter education is a tough challenge. Look for campaigns to target what they call "lower probability voters": Now the excited and committed "likely voters" are all out of the way, they can concentrate all their effort on people who may not be aware early voting has started, or may be waiting for more info on races.

Still, even if it looks lower and slower than 2008, expectations are high that turnout should still break 70%.

Travis County Voters In Person Mail In Ballots Total %age registered voters
Day One 16,378 4,557 20,935 3.3
Day Two 16,387 1,172 17,559 2.77
Day Three 16,721 1,349 17,726 2.79%
Total 49,486 6,734 56,220 8.85

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