TDH: 7/14/11

Formula One committee shifts gears with new meeting

By Wells Dunbar, 3:27PM, Thu. Jul. 14, 2011

An incomplete Circuit
An incomplete Circuit
Photo courtesy Larry D. Moore [CC]

If at first you don’t CELOC, try, try again: That meeting of the Circuit Events Local Organizing Committee we mentioned earlier this week was unexpectedly canceled Monday, but should happen this weekend.

As we wrote in Headlines this morning, the meeting was apparently canceled over a posting problem – we’re told the CELOC had previously posted notice of meetings at City Hall, but was rebuffed this time, possibly because posting there could imply the city was custodian of the board’s records, something they are not. (The city will have one non-voting member on the board, but that’s as far as that goes.)

Anyway, notice has been posted at the county courthouse for a meeting Saturday, July 16. You can scope the notice below :

File Copy Notice

In more F1 news, Travis County issued permits for the structural construction at the Circuit of the Americas racetrack, which to this point was only being graded and cleared.

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