Gates Speaks at UT, Laymen Everywhere Confused

Bill Gates tells UT students about software, innovation and giving back.

By Matt Martinez, 8:39AM, Thu. Feb. 21, 2008

First, he said the sky is the limit to the ever expanding realm of disk storage space, which is good, we think. Gates also wants Microsoft to be innovators of what he called "natural interfaces," phasing out this whole primitive mouse/keyboard debacle. In the near future, so sayeth Billy G, touch screens and tablet computers will become more pervasive and speech recognition will move more into the mainstream. He also talked about more combination of the TV/Internet experience, noting that the goal was for these outlets to become more and more personalized.

"Eventually, you'd like to walk into your living room and simply utter or point to a menu that has all the things you're interested in," Gates said.

Personally, I don't ever want my living room to tell me what I like.

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