Did Miers Leave a Forwarding Address?

The White House keeps up its sterling record for file management.

By Richard Whittaker, 2:44PM, Thu. Jul. 12, 2007

Miers and Dubya in happier, more care-free days.
Miers and Dubya in happier, more care-free days.
White House photo by Paul Morse

Someone might want to tell the White House that Harriet Miers doesn't work for them any more. Its official biography of Miers says she's still Counsel to the President – even though she quit that post back in January.

This may mean any of several options:

1: The Bush administration is now so secretive that even its Human Resources department isn't being told who's where any more.

2: They're hoping that by saying she's still there, it'll boost their claims of executive privilege a bit more.

3: They've been a bit distracted, what with the war and everything.

4: If it's not a file they're claiming is super-duper extra-double-trouble secret, then they're not really interested in keeping track of it.

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