Kirk Cameron Is Not Great

You've got 60 minutes to prove the existence of God starting … now!

By Wells Dunbar, 9:31AM, Tue. May. 15, 2007

House of God
House of God

We contemplated hitting this yesterday, before we came to our senses:

"The debate between nationally known writers Christopher Hitchens, a self-described anti-theist, and Marvin Olasky, a devout Christian, did not attempt to answer all the questions that separate believers from nonbelievers.

But in a packed 10th-floor room at the LBJ Library and Museum on Monday night, the clash of ideologies was at least entertaining and at times humorous.

We're sure it would've been fun for a while to see erudite saucepot Hitchens square off against syndicated conservo and dishonest intellectual Olasky, but only up to a point. Like an acid trip, it would've been totally awesome for the first 10 minutes or so, but then you'd be stuck the rest of the evening with a melting brain.

Speaking of which, the Sodden Englishman popped up briefly on The Daily Show's "This Week in God" segment yesterday; yet another debating partner, Al Sharpton, had some characteristically subtle and well-chosen words for the adherents of the Mormon faith:

Jeez, is there anyone Hitchens won't appear with to flog his new book? Yes, there's one man. If anyone can unequivocally prove the existence of God, it's him.

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