Shakey Graves' Coming Out Party

Something changed for Shakey Graves last year at Pickathon, the annual music festival held on a working farm just outside of Portland, Ore. You could sense it watching him on a small side stage near the camping grounds, working the crowd – and himself – to a sweaty fervor, with high-lonesome murder ballads and wayfaring charm. Read More | Comment »

Portlandia 2:00PM Fri. Aug. 1, Austin Powell

Zakk Wylde Summons Black Label Society

Zakk Wylde isn’t the skinny kid that played guitar for Ozzy Osbourne any more. The bruising, blues-tinged metaler and his Black Label Society hammer through tracks from their ninth album, Catacombs of the Black Vatican, at Emo’s tonight. Read More | Comment »

Off the Record 11:00AM Fri. Aug. 1, Richard Whittaker

Be Here Now: Ray Lamontagne

Ray LaMontagne’s fourth album, Supernova, zeroes in on the singer’s rock tendencies only hinted at in the past. For his performance Friday at the Long Center, we talked to about focus and Elvis Costello – among other things. Read More | Comment »

La Vie en Rose 4:20PM Thu. Jul. 31, Abby Johnston

Loud, Fun, and Colorful

The Octopus Project's aesthetic has always been difficult to quantify. Experimental-electro-indie-pop-with-visual-flair is probably accurate, though the band’s founder Josh Lambert states it best, “When people don’t know our band, I usually say we’re loud, fun, and colorful.” Read More | Comment »

Off the Record 3:20PM Wed. Jul. 30, Fernie Martinez

10 Minutes with Nick Waterhouse

Twenty-eight-year-old L.A. soul blaster Nick Waterhouse arrives at the Parish on Friday with his second disc, Holly. His band features dueling guitars and keys, backup singers, horns, and a three-man rhythm section, all taking cues from Van Morrison and the mid-20th Century. We spoke while he was stuck in traffic between Milwaukee and Chicago. Read More | Comment »

Geezerville 1:00PM Wed. Jul. 30, Jim Caligiuri

EDM: Etiquette to Dull the Masses

I have about as much respect for the term EDM as a head cold. The initialism condenses decades of “electronic dance music” into a marketing fad more aptly represented as an “etiquette to dull the masses.” Read More | Comment »

All-Notes-Off 11:30AM Wed. Jul. 30, Conor Walker

Stargayzer Fest Moves Downtown

The StarGayzer Festival has been turning heads since word first began to spread of its existence. Today's big news for the three-day LGBTQIA music and performance fest? The queer extravaganza, happening Sept. 12-14, is moving Downtown. Read More | Comment »

Musical Fruit 9:00AM Wed. Jul. 30, David Estlund

Eve & the Exiles in August

Eve Monsees owns Antone’s Records with husband Mike Buck. A local since she was 8, the guitarist came up with Gary Clark Jr., who thanked her immediately when he won a Grammy. The year she graduated high school, she began Eve & the Exiles with Buck, who she was working with at Antone’s. The couple, along with Forrest Coppack, assumed ownership in 2008. Read More | Comment »

Next Up! 1:00PM Tue. Jul. 29, William Harries Graham

Peter Murphy the Lionhearted

Goth godfather, Peter Murphy, who hates that term, prowls the Belmont tonight with a second LP for industrial powerhouse Nettwerk. Heavy on noir – drama – Lion connects his art-punk past in Bauhaus with Middle Eastern melody and mysticism, plus explosive textures by U2/Depeche Mode producer and Killing Joke bassist Martin “Youth” Glover. Read More | Comment »

Napalm Heart 10:47AM Tue. Jul. 29, Tim Stegall

Video Premiere: Wild Bill & the Lost Knobs

Wild Bill just can’t catch a break. The mustachioed Austin singer-songwriter goes for the girl at every turn in the new video for the Lost Knobs’ forthcoming single, “She Don’t Say No,” only to see his advances thwarted by a muscleman, pizza guy, and cop. Read More | Comment »

Playback 11:50AM Mon. Jul. 28, Kevin Curtin

King Buzzo Unplugs

Buzz Osborne takes a sonic sidestep on Sunday at Red 7, leaving his trusty EGC axe and Sunn Beta amp head at home in favor of a Chinese Blueridge acoustic guitar. We sparred with the ever immodest Melvins mainstay about his solo tour and new LP, This Machine Kills Artists. Read More | Comment »

Playback 12:30PM Fri. Jul. 25, Kevin Curtin

Tori Amos at 50

May I be frank? Tori Amos said my name out loud at least thrice during this interview, and hearing that from my feminist fairy godmother made me want to vomit rainbows all day long. Preceding Wednesday’s show at the Long Center, the two of us talked about turning 50, feminism, and the music industry. Somehow I survived without openly weeping. Read More | Comment »

La Vie en Rose 11:00AM Thu. Jul. 24, Abby Johnston

Wheezing Spools: Cassettes in Electronic Music – Part II

Cassettes occupy a reclusive distance from the whims of the masses. Since tapes aren’t enslaved by prescribed pop expectations, a history of idiosyncratically edgy music endures. The following music is separated from the popularity contest vomiting forth from dogmatic dance formulae layered amid the babble of social media. Read More | Comment »

All-Notes-Off 12:30PM Wed. Jul. 23, Conor Walker

Take Me Home: Kelley Mickwee

Kelley Mickwee’s You Used to Live Here drops today. After spending years singing as a duo with Jed Zimmerman and finding success with the currently on-hiatus Trishas, Mickwee went back to her personal drawing board, starting from scratch as a solo artist. Read More | Comment »

Next Up! 12:15PM Tue. Jul. 22, William Harries Graham

Bob Log III Q&A

Bob Log III’s best gimmick isn’t his flamboyant getup of sequenced jumpsuits and telephone helmets. Nor is it his extreme showmanship of rafting over the audience in a rubber dinghy and enlisting the breasts of female fans to make “Boob scotch.” Rather, it remains his lightening fast, highly percussive, slide guitar fingerpicking. Read More | Comment »

Playback 3:30PM Mon. Jul. 21, Kevin Curtin

Sacred & Profane: Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds

Shaking the ACL Live at the Moody Theater temple Saturday and Sunday, three-and-a-half hours and 31 gut shots all total, Nick Cave & the Bad Seeds alternately caressed and flayed its flock. At the former main event, a sold-out concert prior to the band’s Austin City Limits taping, Cave reached down and rubbed both ears of a man in the front row. Read More | Comment »

Death Valley Nights 1:30PM Mon. Jul. 21, Raoul Hernandez

Vamp of Constant Sorrow? Lana Del Rey

The “saddest, baddest diva in rock” lands on the cover of Rolling Stone hitting stands tomorrow. Lana Del Rey, photographed by Theo Wenner and seductively cuddling a cat, has made headlines lately for her tepid relationship with the press. In a blog teaser to the story, Rolling Stone reveals that Del Rey tried to wiggle out of her cover. Read More | Comment »

La Vie en Rose 2:00PM Thu. Jul. 17, Abby Johnston

Johnny Winter (1944-2014)

Baby bands take note: You don’t want a feature about your act in the Chronicle. Used to be bands simply broke up after landing on our cover (looking at you Ed Hall, playing this Saturday at the North Door). Now, the curse is worse. Two weeks to the day after our Johnny Winter story comes the news that the Beaumont blues great died in Zurich yesterday. Read More | Comment »

Death Valley Nights 1:00PM Thu. Jul. 17, Raoul Hernandez

Wheezing Spools: Cassettes in Electronic Music - Part I

How does a puny plastic cuboid subject to decay and fluttering live up to a stylus on a bible black plane traveling 45 revolutions per minute? No tape revival or aging critic (ahem) with a cassette label can circumvent a doomed format that whorls and whines in a comic fugue. Yet such invalidities define the format’s unique black sheep standing. Read More | Comment »

All-Notes-Off 2:00PM Wed. Jul. 16, Conor Walker

Danzig at Housecore Horror

The Housecore Horror Film Festival remains a place for evil and unique fusions, so it makes perfect sense that the master of horror metal, Glenn Danzig, and metal’s favorite comedian, Brian Posehn, have both been added to the Oct. 23-26 lineup. Read More | Comment »

Off the Record 12:30PM Wed. Jul. 16, Richard Whittaker

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