Full Service Circus

Full Service won’t be on the cover of the Chronicle this week, but you can’t say they haven’t tried. The local quartet continues promoting this weekend’s Full Service Circus, a bonanza of music, sports, and games, for which they’ve already sold 300 tickets to largely out-of-town fans. The second annual event runs Friday through Sunday around town. Read More | Comment »

3:47PM Mon. Oct. 20, Kevin Curtin

D-I-V-O-R-C-E: Greg Ginn’s Gets Ugly

Black Flag nucleus Greg Ginn is being portrayed as an unfit parent in affidavits filed by his ex-wife Marina Ginn. Read More | Comment »

2:20PM Tue. Oct. 14, Kevin Curtin

ACL Video Interview: Chromeo

Wherefore art thou Chromeo? In their artist trailer backstage. Read More | Comment »

4:20PM Wed. Oct. 8, Kevin Curtin

Zombies for HAAM

The Zombies, known for Sixties hits “Time of the Season,” “She’s Not There,” and “Tell Her No,” return locally after a starring set at Austin Psych Fest in May. The floral pop immortals co-headline the British Invasion concert at the Moody tonight with Animals frontman Eric Burdon. Tuesday, it’s their show at the Belmont. Read More | Comment »

1:50PM Mon. Sep. 22, Kevin Curtin

Video Premiere: Bee vs. Moth

Local jazz-rock misfits Bee vs. Moth offer a taste of their new LP Shelter in Place with a lo-fi video that reasonably justifies renting three rubber gorilla masks and wasting several dozen bananas as they reveal the office politics of primates. Read More | Comment »

2:45PM Fri. Sep. 19, Kevin Curtin

Aaron Behrens Keeps Rising

Aaron Behrens has reached a turning point in his career. Still on leave from Austin’s ever-popular Ghostland Observatory, the singer’s vastly different rock band hits full stride this coming week. Catch the Midnight Stroll in-store at Waterloo Wednesday, then Friday at Utopia Fest, and finally on the racks next Tuesday when their debut EP drops. Read More | Comment »

1:30PM Mon. Sep. 8, Kevin Curtin

Song Premiere: Churchwood’s “Triptych”

A year after raising heaven and hell on their breakout sophomore LP, local blues punks Churchwood return to the altar for another ritual of musical madness and cerebral rebellion. Read More | Comment »

11:11AM Tue. Sep. 2, Kevin Curtin

Mother Falcon Tour Video

“This past June, Mother Falcon drove over 7,500 miles through the midwest and around the east coast; spent approximately 120 hours in vans; and performed 23 times in some of America’s greatest (and not so great) venues,” writes Tamir Kalifa, the chamber-rock orchestra’s de facto frontman. Read More | Comment »

11:07AM Mon. Aug. 25, Kevin Curtin

New Music: The Well

Incense lit and tarot cards laid out, we anxiously await the materialization of the Well’s debut full-length, Samsara. The soothsaying Austin threesome predicts a platter of Seventies-style, slow-and-low metal dropping in a month’s time. A new 7-inch single foreshadows its arrival. Read More | Comment »

2:30PM Mon. Aug. 18, Kevin Curtin

Gary Clark Jr. on Antone’s

“I’ve been running around playing all these shows, but it’s good to be back in Austin. It’s good to be talking about Antone’s and trying to keep this alive. Not just the place, but the music and the vibe and the scene and the culture. So thanks for listening to me blab.” That’s how Gary Clark Jr. signed off from our midnight phone call last week. Read More | Comment »

11:55AM Mon. Aug. 11, Kevin Curtin

The Unabridged Billy Joe Shaver

When I rang Billy Joe Shaver two weeks ago about his new album Long in the Tooth, which arrives today along with a 5pm in-store performance at Waterloo Records, the 74-year-old country music legend was running late for a gig at John T Floore’s Country Store in Bandera and said he’d have to call me back from “the truck.” Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Tue. Aug. 5, Kevin Curtin

Video Premiere: The Painted Redstarts

Austin’s Painted Redstarts, led by second-generation rockers William Harries Graham and Marlon Sexton, step back in time with a video for their forthcoming single “Curtains Wide,” bearing all the hallmarks of a late-Eighties MTV clip. Read More | Comment »

11:45AM Mon. Aug. 4, Kevin Curtin

Video Premiere: Wild Bill & the Lost Knobs

Wild Bill just can’t catch a break. The mustachioed Austin singer-songwriter goes for the girl at every turn in the new video for the Lost Knobs’ forthcoming single, “She Don’t Say No,” only to see his advances thwarted by a muscleman, pizza guy, and cop. Read More | Comment »

11:50AM Mon. Jul. 28, Kevin Curtin

King Buzzo Unplugs

Buzz Osborne takes a sonic sidestep on Sunday at Red 7, leaving his trusty EGC axe and Sunn Beta amp head at home in favor of a Chinese Blueridge acoustic guitar. We sparred with the ever immodest Melvins mainstay about his solo tour and new LP, This Machine Kills Artists. Read More | Comment »

12:30PM Fri. Jul. 25, Kevin Curtin

Bob Log III Q&A

Bob Log III’s best gimmick isn’t his flamboyant getup of sequenced jumpsuits and telephone helmets. Nor is it his extreme showmanship of rafting over the audience in a rubber dinghy and enlisting the breasts of female fans to make “Boob scotch.” Rather, it remains his lightening fast, highly percussive, slide guitar fingerpicking. Read More | Comment »

3:30PM Mon. Jul. 21, Kevin Curtin

Searching for Austin in the Corners of Wisconsin

Only a fool or someone with good insurance bag checks their instrument while flying. I can’t bear the thought of my mandolin falling off that conveyer belt golf cart onto the tarmac or getting crunched under a set of water skis by a careless baggage handler. Musicians carry on. Read More | Comment »

12:30PM Tue. Jul. 15, Kevin Curtin

Fun Fun Fun Fest Sidesteps Cancellations

“We’re pretty confident they’ll show,” said Fun Fun Fun Fest booker Graham Williams in May when I asked him about landing notorious no-shows Death Grips, whose set at the 2013 fall festival was cancelled abruptly when they discontinued all live appearances that year. The gruff hip-hop experimenters performed successfully at FFF in 2011. Read More | Comment »

12:30PM Tue. Jul. 8, Kevin Curtin

First Listen: Ben Ballinger

Last night, weary and worn from a weekend of holiday parties and late-night musical excursions, I pried myself off the sofa to catch Ben Ballinger performing at Holy Mountain. Playing solo and still wearing work boots, presumably from his day job as a freelance handyman, the Oregon native had the small crowd hanging on his every introspective line. Read More | Comment »

1:35PM Mon. Jul. 7, Kevin Curtin

Manuel “Cowboy” Donley Lands NEA Grant

Manuel “Cowboy” Donley’s career extends back to the Forties, the 86-year-old local having helped define Tejano music with sophisticated orchestral arrangements. The National Endowment for the Arts took note and just last week awarded him the prestigious National Heritage Fellowship, a top honor that includes $25,000. Read More | Comment »

2:00PM Mon. Jun. 30, Kevin Curtin

First Listen: Chris Catalena & the Native Americans “Telegram”

A familiar face and kind soul among Austin's musician ranks, Chris Catalena has played sideman in Christian Bland & the Revelators and Strange Boys offshoot Living Grateful. He steps forth with his solo debut, Here Comes the Time, this week, via American Sharks drummer Nick Cornetti’s Pau Wau Records. Read More | Comment »

9:14AM Tue. Jun. 24, Kevin Curtin

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