Bob Log III Q&A

Bob Log III’s best gimmick isn’t his flamboyant getup of sequenced jumpsuits and telephone helmets. Nor is it his extreme showmanship of rafting over the audience in a rubber dinghy and enlisting the breasts of female fans to make “Boob scotch.” Rather, it remains his lightening fast, highly percussive, slide guitar fingerpicking. Read More | Comment »

3:30PM Mon. Jul. 21, Kevin Curtin

Searching for Austin in the Corners of Wisconsin

Only a fool or someone with good insurance bag checks their instrument while flying. I can’t bear the thought of my mandolin falling off that conveyer belt golf cart onto the tarmac or getting crunched under a set of water skis by a careless baggage handler. Musicians carry on. Read More | Comment »

12:30PM Tue. Jul. 15, Kevin Curtin

Fun Fun Fun Fest Sidesteps Cancellations

“We’re pretty confident they’ll show,” said Fun Fun Fun Fest booker Graham Williams in May when I asked him about landing notorious no-shows Death Grips, whose set at the 2013 fall festival was cancelled abruptly when they discontinued all live appearances that year. The gruff hip-hop experimenters performed successfully at FFF in 2011. Read More | Comment »

12:30PM Tue. Jul. 8, Kevin Curtin

First Listen: Ben Ballinger

Last night, weary and worn from a weekend of holiday parties and late-night musical excursions, I pried myself off the sofa to catch Ben Ballinger performing at Holy Mountain. Playing solo and still wearing work boots, presumably from his day job as a freelance handyman, the Oregon native had the small crowd hanging on his every introspective line. Read More | Comment »

1:35PM Mon. Jul. 7, Kevin Curtin

Manuel “Cowboy” Donley Lands NEA Grant

Manuel “Cowboy” Donley’s career extends back to the Forties, the 86-year-old local having helped define Tejano music with sophisticated orchestral arrangements. The National Endowment for the Arts took note and just last week awarded him the prestigious National Heritage Fellowship, a top honor that includes $25,000. Read More | Comment »

2:00PM Mon. Jun. 30, Kevin Curtin

First Listen: Chris Catalena & the Native Americans “Telegram”

A familiar face and kind soul among Austin's musician ranks, Chris Catalena has played sideman in Christian Bland & the Revelators and Strange Boys offshoot Living Grateful. He steps forth with his solo debut, Here Comes the Time, this week, via American Sharks drummer Nick Cornetti’s Pau Wau Records. Read More | Comment »

9:14AM Tue. Jun. 24, Kevin Curtin

Help Crowdfund Austin's Wealthiest Band

The practice of financing albums through online crowdfunding has become so commonplace that even the Yuppie Pricks, a punk band that presents themselves as yacht-owning day traders disgusted by the middle class, have just launched one. This week, the band opened up an Indiegogo campaign to raise money for their fourth album, Appetite for Consumption. Read More | Comment »

12:00PM Fri. Jun. 20, Kevin Curtin

Damn'd Right, Christeene

“Fuck you, ROT Rallyyyyy!” shouted Christeene Vale in her raspy lisp. As if anyone from the local biker gathering had showed up to LGTB venue Cheer Up Charlie’s to watch the trashy drag queen rap. Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Mon. Jun. 16, Kevin Curtin

Giving Up the Swan

The Legendary White Swan is in hospice. Local entrepreneur Randall Stockton confirmed yesterday that his East Twelfth Street bar and music venue will change ownership and reformat in July, citing inconsistent attendance. Read More | Comment »

10:35AM Sat. Jun. 14, Kevin Curtin

X Games: Gary Clark Jr. Ain’t Messin ‘Round

Gary Clark Jr. now knows what his concerts would look like if his popularity suddenly plummeted. Austin’s smooth blues rocker performed to an embarrassingly absent audience on the final night of the X Games – Sunday – with the front two sections of the Circuit of the Americas amphitheater, the pit and the seats, at least 80% empty. Read More | Comment »

1:15PM Mon. Jun. 9, Kevin Curtin

X Games: Flaming Lips Hit the LSD

“I’d like to announce that everyone can move to the front,” reported Flaming Lips singer Wayne Coyne from center stage at the Circuit of the Americas on Sunday evening. “I think that’s going to make this all more fun.” Read More | Comment »

11:57AM Mon. Jun. 9, Kevin Curtin

Utopia Fest 2014

The word “Utopia” signifies an idyllic society, but its Latin root actually means “No Place.” Both apply to September’s hill country camping and music outing, Utopia Fest, now in its sixth year. Wednesday’s lineup announcement guaranteed me another adventure-filled weekend there. Read More | Comment »

1:00PM Fri. Jun. 6, Kevin Curtin

Breakout Pummels Cheer Up Charlie’s

Sunday afternoon, punks battled hangovers at Cheer Up Charlie’s for a Chaos in Tejas day show stocked with underground hardcore bands from Texas and Mexico. Those genres aren’t a cake walk in the mid-day sun, but local quartet Breakout, recently announced Black stage performers at Fun Fun Fun Fest, put a packed crowd in a stranglehold. Read More | Comment »

1:30PM Mon. Jun. 2, Kevin Curtin

First Listen: A. Sinclair

“It’s about an old man that stalks pretty girls in spandex. He’s going around watching them at the water park,” explains the song’s author, Aaron Sinclair. “I’m fine with it being creepy if it elicits a reaction from the person listening to it.” Read More | Comment »

4:20PM Mon. May. 19, Kevin Curtin

Pachanga Recap: ¡Otra, Otra!

In February, Pachanga organizer Rich Garza revealed plans to stage the local Latino Music Festival in a single day at Fiesta Gardens rather than over an entire weekend there. Saturday, its seventh iteration prompted a younger/browner/larger turnout. Successful in numbers, its satisfaction index as a half-dose became obvious at night’s end. Read More | Comment »

2:00PM Mon. May. 12, Kevin Curtin

HAAM’s Corporate Battle of the Bands

No need to utter that classic dream-crushing quip, “Don’t quit your day job,” at tonight’s Corporate Battle of the Bands, where groups of gainfully employed musical hobbyists compete for amateur rock dominance. Acts aren’t slugging it out for record deals and instant stardom. They’re raising money for the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians. Read More | Comment »

1:45PM Fri. May. 9, Kevin Curtin

Austin Psych Fest Live (Sunday): Earthless

With the final hours of APF ticking away on Sunday night, San Diego stoner rock instrumentalists Earthless stretched three songs into an entire set and left little question as to who was the most exciting guitarist at this year’s festival. Read More | Comment »

3:37PM Mon. May. 5, Kevin Curtin

Austin Psych Fest Live (Saturday): Boogarins

Having executed their first American performances right here in Austin just six weeks ago during South by Southwest and remaining on tour ever since, Brazilian guitar outfit Boogarins are still counting their blessings. “We’re very happy to be here,” grinned guitarist Benke Ferraz. “This is a dream for us!” Read More | Comment »

1:00PM Sun. May. 4, Kevin Curtin

Austin Psych Fest Live (Friday): Terakaft

“Terakaft means ‘caravan.’ They started their caravan in Mali and made it all the way to Austin,” percussionist Brahim Fribgane grinned at the onset of the group’s Austin Psych Fest debut. “Just imagine how long it takes to get from West Africa to Austin!” Read More | Comment »

11:00AM Sat. May. 3, Kevin Curtin

Headhunters Closes

The front door of Headhunters was locked Wednesday night during the Red River music venue’s normal business hours. I entered through the back where the staff and owner Steve Ricci were busy removing production gear from the bar’s patio stage. Read More | Comment »

12:07PM Thu. May. 1, Kevin Curtin

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