New mAcdonald

Maybe the road to PurgAtory Hill has been long, but few are better equipped to make the trip than Pat Macdonald. Make that pat mAcdonald, an effective way of driving grammarists crazy or maybe just a reminder to put the damn A in his last name without mentioning “The Future’s So Bright.” Read More | Comment »

Girlie Action 10:05AM Sat. Nov. 14, 2009, Margaret Moser

Jody Denberg Signs Off of KGSR

Jody Denberg, the voice and vision of 1017.1 KGSR, is leaving his position as Content Manager and On-air host after 19 years. “I have promised myself one year without doing any work,” Denberg said in an official release. “The time is right for me to take some time off and recharge my creative batteries.” Read More | 3 Comments »

Off the Record 7:10PM Fri. Nov. 13, 2009, Austin Powell

The Lineup

The Lineup 4:30PM Fri. Nov. 13, 2009

Belle de Jour

Yanking a diva out of the studio to do a 10-minute phoner with some yokel down in Texas doesn't inspire much hope on the latter's end, so you better engage one of pop music's singular personalities, Rufus Wainwright, who plays the Paramount Monday and Tuesday, from the word "hello." Correction, from the word "bonjour." Read More | Comment »

Death Valley Nights 3:40PM Fri. Nov. 13, 2009, Raoul Hernandez

Video: White Denim “I Start to Run”

Directed by Austin’s Andy Cope and filmed just last month at the Austin City Limits studio, White Denim’s new video for Fits’ lead single “I Start to Run” is already making the rounds on MTVu. For a bit of the back story, check this out. If you look closely, you can spot OTR doing his best impression of a fly on a wall. Read More | Comment »

The Next Episode 11:41AM Fri. Nov. 13, 2009, Austin Powell

Blog and Roll

Last weekend, a panel of representatives from Billboard, Rolling Stone, Spin, Idolator, Aquarium Drunkard, My Old Kentucky Blog, and the Austin-American Statesman met at the Mohawk to share their wisdom with music bloggers old and new. Read More | Comment »

Next Up! 12:53PM Thu. Nov. 12, 2009, Livvy Bennett

Dust In the Air

I’ve referred to Son Volt as the premier American roots-rock band of our day and in my mind, its latest, American Central Dust (Rounder), confirms that notion. Read More | Comment »

Geezerville 4:03PM Wed. Nov. 11, 2009, Jim Caligiuri

Tejano Returns to 6th Street

Isidoro Lopez likes to use the phrase “invisible society” when referring to the Latino community and how it's often looked through. It’s a particularly apt phrase in regards to Tejano, that vibrant hybrid of Texas-born, Mexican-originated music. For every musical style that exists, there’s a Spanish take on it. Read More | Comment »

Girlie Action 11:01AM Wed. Nov. 11, 2009, Margaret Moser

Dig Until You Hit the Floor

Unlike South by Southwest and Austin City Limits, at Fun Fun Fun Fest it's easy to not have a plan and sort of wander from stage to stage. However, it also helps to have a pioneer-woman strategy, like some other folks we know. Some highlights (and lowlights)... Read More | Comment »

Schadenfreude 3:13PM Mon. Nov. 9, 2009, Audra Schroeder

The Lineup

It's Fun Fun Fun Fest weekend. Do you know where your music is? Read More | Comment »

The Lineup 3:36PM Fri. Nov. 6, 2009

Microphone Fiend

A stage filled by an MC and his DJ is a rare sight in hip-hop these days, but Rakim’s schooling at Emo’s Wednesday night was never about the here and now. With The Seventh Seal not out for another two weeks and no new material since 1999’s The Master, there wasn’t much use in hitting anything but the classics. Read More | Comment »

Check Yo' Self 12:13PM Fri. Nov. 6, 2009, Chase Hoffberger

Bad Boy Boogie

AC/DC’s “War Machine” incinerated San Antonio’s AT&T Center last December, and tonight the Frank Erwin Center’s sprinkler system tests its mettle against the Aussie rock & roll tank. Thirty years ago, Paris, France, preserved Bon Scott for Austin, Texas. Read More | Comment »

Death Valley Nights 10:44AM Fri. Nov. 6, 2009, Raoul Hernandez

California Love

Bavu Blakes may be heading to California in a few weeks, but the situation’s more a “See ya later” than a goodbye. Read More | Comment »

Check Yo' Self 12:52PM Thu. Nov. 5, 2009, Chase Hoffberger

Services for Robin Shivers

Services for local philanthropist Robin Shivers, 53, are taking place on Thursday, Nov. 5, at St. Mary’s Cathedral (203 East 10th Street), 2pm. The co-founder of the Health Alliance for Austin Musicians died unexpectedly last Monday of undetermined causes. Read More | Comment »

Off the Record 3:40PM Wed. Nov. 4, 2009, Austin Powell

Fun Fun Fun Too

There's the official Fun Fun Fun Fest aftershows this weekend, and the totally unofficial fare for geezers like me, beginning with three shows dedicated to beloved musical icons no longer with us. Read More | Comment »

Geezerville 2:10PM Wed. Nov. 4, 2009, Jim Caligiuri

Hitting the Half-Pipe

I’ve never been one for extreme sports so I’ve never had reason to go to a skate park. Yet while extreme sports have never been my style, rock & roll always has, so when Versatile Skate Park on South Lamar began booking shows, I paid them a visit. Read More | Comment »

Next Up! 3:50PM Tue. Nov. 3, 2009, Aaron Miller

You Must Never Break the Chain

Erika Wennerstrom’s blistering blues made Dhani Harrison crouch down for a better look upstairs on the Stubb’s VIP deck, while Wolfmother, Friday night’s Aussie Afro and headliner, watched from the wings. Too bad the Heartless Bastards’ volcanic voice and Les Paul wringer wasn't at the Continental Club later to grin at Down Under’s the Grates. Read More | Comment »

Death Valley Nights 12:06PM Tue. Nov. 3, 2009, Raoul Hernandez

Heart Gently Weeps

Dhani Harrison didn’t just help create The Beatles: Rock Band. He lived it. Having laid to rest the sessions for his father George’s posthumously released final album, 2002's Brainwashed, Harrison hits his stride with Thenewno2, which opens for Wolfmother tonight at Stubb’s. Read More | Comment »

Off the Record 12:22PM Fri. Oct. 30, 2009, Austin Powell

The Lineup

This week, spook yourself with Those Darlins, Yussuf Jerusalem, Alela Diane, and Surfer Blood. Read More | Comment »

The Lineup 12:16PM Fri. Oct. 30, 2009

Sunny Side of the Street

There are two schools of thought about a Pogues show. The first is that any Pogues show is great, and the second is that any Pogues show is great, even if they are doing it by the numbers. Face it, at 25-plus years, this is a nostalgia act, just like Devo or the B-52's. Read More | Comment »

Girlie Action 11:27AM Fri. Oct. 30, 2009, Margaret Moser

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