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Author & Punisher Pummels
The first time audiences see Tristan Shone, aka Author & Punisher, they’re as transfixed by his heavy engineering instruments as they are by his doom-drone-industrial fusion. Yet he stresses that every element is essential to how the machine works. “I’m sure I could make a lot more money if I were a lot more ridiculous.” Catch him tonight at Sidewinder.

4:30PM Tue. Nov. 17, 2015, Richard Whittaker Read More | Comment »

Frizzi 2 Fulci Haunts Austin
Italian composer Fabio Frizzi defines his music as having “a melodic, nostalgic approach.” Considering he’s best known for his collaborations with Italian gore auteur Lucio Fulci, that may seem strange. Even more bizarre may be that today – Friday – Frizzi and his band perform highlights of that work in a church.

12:30PM Fri. Oct. 2, 2015, Richard Whittaker Read More | Comment »

Slipknot Devastates COTA
Every touring act plays up the Keep Austin Weird schtick – in a pandering way. For Slipknot, it’s thrown down as a challenge. “Wanna get weird with me, motherfuckers?” leered frontman Corey Taylor from under his dead skin mask to a packed Circuit of the Americas on Wednesday night.

3:33PM Thu. Sep. 3, 2015, Richard Whittaker Read More | Comment »

The Wrong Kind of Rebel Rock
In 1994, Primal Scream released fourth LP Give Out But Don’t Give Up. “Why does a Scottish band have a Confederate battle flag on its cover,” I wondered. Seemed as silly as the moment Dublin’s U2 discovered its Delta blues roots on The Joshua Tree. A deeper unease permeated Primal Scream using a symbol so drenched in a legacy of racial conflict and oppression.

12:30PM Wed. Jul. 22, 2015, Richard Whittaker Read More | Comment »

Housecore Horror Moves to San Antonio
From tragedy, triumph. The Housecore Horror Festival, which many feared would end with the death of founder Corey Mitchell, will return for a third year. However, there's a big change: The combination horror/metal fest leaves Austin for San Antonio.

1:40PM Wed. May 20, 2015, Richard Whittaker Read More | Comment »

Levitation Live Shot: Survive
Hey, Nicholas Winding Refn, have I got a soundtrack band for you.

9:35AM Sat. May 9, 2015, Richard Whittaker Read More | Comment »

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SXSW Live Shot: Sick of It All
Must have felt like old times for the Koller brothers. After a brawl shut down the Gypsy Lounge before Skepta’s Thursday headline set, by Saturday the East Sixth venue had five Travis County Sheriff cars parked out front, and constables patrolling inside. Just like the good old/bad old post-Reagan days that forged Sick of It All.

11:25AM Sun. Mar. 22, 2015, Richard Whittaker Read More | Comment »

SXSW Live Shot: Japan Nite
Happy 20th anniversary, Japan Nite. You may no longer be the cool kid on SXSW’s pan-Asiatic block since that title likely goes to Thursday night’s Korean celebration. Your crowd skews a little older, and the sweatbox ambiance owed more to the unseasonal downpour boiling off than a super-crazy crowd.

11:40AM Sat. Mar. 21, 2015, Richard Whittaker Read More | Comment »

SXSW Live Shot: K-Pop Night
Ignore the fact that it’s called K-Pop.

10:30AM Fri. Mar. 20, 2015, Richard Whittaker Read More | Comment »

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