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Fun Fun Fun Live Shot: New Pornographers

The New Pornographers promised us a celebration. Their Fun Fun Fun set Saturday gave us one. It wasn’t a raucous, collegiate fete. More like the kind your once-crazy friends throw past their party prime. Read More | Comment »

10:19AM Sun. Nov. 9, Abby Johnston

Fun Fun Fun Live Shot: Sohn

Sound woes early at the Blue stage kept the early afternoon crowd waiting. Twenty minutes into Sohn’s allotted set time, the only sounds the fashionable crowd that had turned out for the Vienna producer could make out were Peelander-Z screaming about tacos all the way from the Black stage. Read More | Comment »

9:20AM Sat. Nov. 8, Abby Johnston

ACL Fest Interview: Tune-Yards

Even in the colorful world of Tune-Yards’ chanteuse Merrill Garbus, the daily grind can go awry. Unlike the rest of us, her summer’s been a whirlwind of international tours solidifying her as one of the most dynamic acts on the festival circuit. While in London promoting her third LP, May’s Nikki Nack, she still has to sweep her hotel rooms for bed bugs. Read More | Comment »

3:00PM Thu. Oct. 2, Abby Johnston

DJ Shadow on Afrika Bambaataa

The vanguard of mainstream mixology, DJ Shadow, was given access by Cornell University to 40,000 records belonging to the man who introduced the art form to music: Afrika Bambaataa. Shadow, born Josh Davis in San Jose, Calif., 42 years ago, and his partner in scratch, Cut Chemist, spin their findings for ACL Live at the Moody Theater next Thursday, Sept. 18. Read More | Comment »

4:20PM Thu. Sep. 11, Abby Johnston

Earth, Wind & Fire Saves September

September isn’t anyone’s favorite month, particularly Texans, who suffer through a fall devoid of seasonal splendor. You’re forced out of that lazy summer mindset, the first of the month constitutes your last holiday until Thanksgiving, and it’s still hot as blazes. Allow me to alter your outlook with an elemental approach, then: Earth, Wind & Fire. Read More | Comment »

4:20PM Thu. Sep. 4, Abby Johnston


Over Labor Day weekend last year, the third and final afternoon of New York’s Electric Zoo festival was cancelled after two people died in drug-related incidents. This Friday through Sunday, the EDM gathering crusades to keep the genre’s hallmark drug, MDMA, at bay by making attendees watch a two-minute PSA before their wristbands are activated. Read More | Comment »

4:20PM Thu. Aug. 28, Abby Johnston

Back-to-School Playlist

A few short months ago, the only song I had stuck in my head was a classic one: “Schooooooooool’s out!” Despite Alice Cooper’s iconic allegation that the doldrums of classrooms are done forever, here I am facing my final semester of grad school course work. Luckily, I have a few songs I can use for that transition, too. Read More | Comment »

11:37AM Thu. Aug. 21, Abby Johnston

Fresh Female Voices

The success of Florida Georgia Line, Jason Aldean, and Luke Bryan puts into stark relief country music’s dearth of parallel breakouts for women. Executives defended themselves, think pieces were written, and now the man responsible for ushering these “bro-country” acts onto the airwaves is making amends with SiriusXM’s Fresh Female Voices. Read More | Comment »

3:30PM Thu. Aug. 14, Abby Johnston

Be Here Now: Ray Lamontagne

Ray LaMontagne’s fourth album, Supernova, zeroes in on the singer’s rock tendencies only hinted at in the past. For his performance Friday at the Long Center, we talked to about focus and Elvis Costello – among other things. Read More | Comment »

4:20PM Thu. Jul. 31, Abby Johnston

Tori Amos at 50

May I be frank? Tori Amos said my name out loud at least thrice during this interview, and hearing that from my feminist fairy godmother made me want to vomit rainbows all day long. Preceding Wednesday’s show at the Long Center, the two of us talked about turning 50, feminism, and the music industry. Somehow I survived without openly weeping. Read More | Comment »

11:00AM Thu. Jul. 24, Abby Johnston

Vamp of Constant Sorrow? Lana Del Rey

The “saddest, baddest diva in rock” lands on the cover of Rolling Stone hitting stands tomorrow. Lana Del Rey, photographed by Theo Wenner and seductively cuddling a cat, has made headlines lately for her tepid relationship with the press. In a blog teaser to the story, Rolling Stone reveals that Del Rey tried to wiggle out of her cover. Read More | Comment »

2:00PM Thu. Jul. 17, Abby Johnston

Happy Bastille Day?

Four years ago, I was having my first, best, and worst Bastille Day. When I booked my return flight out of Paris, I was looking for deals. I’d spent a semester writing about French music in Lyon, and between concerts and a rapidly-developing affinity for wine, my funds were dropping at alarming rates. Read More | Comment »

2:00PM Mon. Jul. 14, Abby Johnston

Andrew Bird

Fiddler Andrew Bird wants you to know two things: who the Handsome Family is, and that he can sing. His performance tonight at the Paramount should cover both of those entities, as he takes a batch of the Handsome Family tracks with a new, full-throated sound. Read More | Comment »

2:27PM Mon. Jun. 16, Abby Johnston

Marmalakes Homecoming

Marmalakes rounds out its seventh tour with a homecoming fête Friday at Cheer Up Charlie’s. This might not require a parade, but there will be fanfare: Hereticks, Sweet Spirit, Grape St., and Genuine Leather share the stage. We caught up with the headliner’s singer/guitarist Chase Weinacht about life on the road and the band’s debut LP. Read More | Comment »

3:30PM Thu. Jun. 5, Abby Johnston

First Pitch Rock Stars?

50 Cent probably wasn’t getting picked last in high school gym class, but he might still have to ride the bench these days. The MC also known as Curtis Jackson threw out the ceremonial first pitch at a Mets-Pirates game last Tuesday, and while we don’t expect celebrities to practice their pitching, his throw might go down as one of the worst in baseball. Read More | Comment »

4:20PM Fri. May. 30, Abby Johnston

On the Run with Jay & Bey

America’s first music family has put us through the ringer lately. While still recovering from the unanswered questions surrounding the Solange and Jay-Z elevator kerfuffle at the Met Gala, we had our wigs snatched once again with “Run,” a movie trailer that’s set fire to YouTube. Read More | Comment »

4:20PM Thu. May. 22, Abby Johnston

Summer Fun: Desert Island No-No’s

From a utilitarian perspective, there are certain people who would make great companions if you’re stranded on an island. A doctor might be a prudent choice, or a carpenter. I, however, have never been one for practicality, so I’d take a musician. Read More | Comment »

2:00PM Thu. May. 15, Abby Johnston

Eels = E = Mark Oliver Everett

Call him Mark or call him E. With his 11th album, The Cautionary Tales of Mark Oliver Everett, the Eels frontman proves he can wear both hats, using an emotionally raw disc to thrust his birth name front-and-center for the first time. Yell out neither during the band’s show on Friday at the Paramount Theatre. Read More | Comment »

11:00AM Thu. May. 15, Abby Johnston

ACL Fest’s Danceability Matrix

When ACL Fest revealed its 2014 lineup Tuesday, the collective social media grumble was the dearth of guitar gods in the mid and lower tiers. While Pearl Jam claims a headline spot for the second time in five years and Minneapolis indie OGs the Replacements cling toward the top of the bill, there’s still an undeniable influx of digital artists. Read More | Comment »

2:30PM Thu. Apr. 24, Abby Johnston

Kelis Can Cook

“I know that I don’t look it, but I can cook / I’m really pretty simple, I like what I should,” croons Kelis (Rogers) on “Floyd,” imbedded in next Tuesday’s new album Food. If her food truck tour d’Austin during South by Southwest last month was evidence of her simplistic palate, I beg to differ. Read More | Comment »

1:20PM Thu. Apr. 17, Abby Johnston

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