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Wish List: Kiss & Def Leppard

I wish I was in Def Leppard. I also wish I wasn’t caught up in the useless pontificating that causes people to look down their nose at a Def Leppard and Kiss double bill at a racetrack – the one Saturday night at the Circuit of the Americas. Read More | Comment »

1:00PM Mon. Jul. 14, Luke Winkie

Austin Psych Fest Live (Sunday): Panda Bear

Three years have passed since Tomboy, and seven since his masterwork Person Pitch. Later this year, Panda Bear Meets the Grim Reaper swings a scythe. If you don’t know what that means, then you just don’t know Panda Bear. Read More | Comment »

3:57PM Mon. May. 5, Luke Winkie

Austin Psych Fest Live (Saturday): Avey Tare

Avey Tare spends most of his time singing in Brooklyn’s Animal Collective, so his solo career notches only a brief run of two LPs that sound like a sweatier, more directly psychedelic version of his band’s campfire sing-a-longs. Simply put, you could argue he didn’t deserve the packed Levitation Tent Saturday night, but reputation goes a long way. Read More | Comment »

3:07PM Sun. May. 4, Luke Winkie

Austin Psych Fest Live (Saturday): Mark McGuire

Mark McGuire was blessed with an infamous name. Disgraced Major League baseball slugger or a slight Ohioan making sparkling, purified New Age music? They’re only a few letters and solar systems apart. As for the latter, you always trust a man whose optimism is such that his Twitter account lists his location as “Earth, B.A. (Before Aquarius).” Read More | Comment »

11:59AM Sun. May. 4, Luke Winkie

Austin Psych Fest Live (Friday): Liars

There was a moment last night at Carson Creek Ranch for Austin Psych Fest that it all made sense. A notoriously hard act to pin down, L.A. trio Liars shift tone and texture like you and I might change clothes. Yet in 2014, on their second dance-oriented album Mess, it couldn’t be more obvious. They’re Throbbing Gristle! Read More | Comment »

11:59AM Sat. May. 3, Luke Winkie

SXSW Interview: Stuart Murdoch

Few people have contributed more to the indie-rock songbook than Stuart Murdoch. Belle & Sebastian’s entire career, beginning in the mid Nineties, couldn’t be more celebrated, but he’s never been especially public. Read More | Comment »

8:35PM Sat. Mar. 15, Luke Winkie

SXSW Live Shot: Thumpers

First things first: It was good to see the Mohawk rally. Nothing can keep a good space down, not even unspeakable tragedy. Seeing the debauchery defiantly still in place nearly brought a tear to my eye. Read More | Comment »

2:07PM Sat. Mar. 15, Luke Winkie

SXSW Day Party: Waterloo Records

A parking lot under the hot sun and mid-afternoon Lamar traffic doesn’t always add up to a meaningful set, but hats off to the Waterloo staff for sticking with it. I actually enjoyed my time on the asphalt this afternoon, which is much more than I can say for the rest of my humidity-stained memories in Austin. I like rock music better when I’m not damp. Read More | Comment »

11:40PM Fri. Mar. 14, Luke Winkie

SXSW Live Shot: London Grammar

Let’s be honest... It’s my fault for ever assuming the remote possibility that Taco Bell was invested in creating a meaningful environment for live music. Those priorities don’t line up. That’s why the Hype Hotel’s stage was barely off the ground, rendering it impossible for anyone to see the bands outside of the first few rows of people. Read More | Comment »

2:27PM Fri. Mar. 14, Luke Winkie

SXSW Day Party: Tyler, the Creator

With all due respect to all the other excellent acts playing the Scoot Inn’s Thrasher/Converse day party this afternoon – among the best of which was Toronto hardcore superheros Fucked Up – let’s not mince words. There’s only moment that will remain in my memory from Thursday: Tyler, the Creator. Read More | Comment »

9:40PM Thu. Mar. 13, Luke Winkie

SXSW Live Shot: Damon Albarn

I heard a commotion, but nothing specific. The news kept trickling in around me as “are you okay?” texts began circulating. Damon Albarn was already over an hour late getting onstage. Nothing like a profound tragedy to sharpen anxiety. Read More | Comment »

3:25PM Thu. Mar. 13, Luke Winkie

SXSW Interview: Jarvis Cocker

I’m still not quite sure why Jarvis Cocker was speaking to a Convention Center ballroom this afternoon. Obviously the new Pulp documentary has loomed large at SXSW Film, but the professorial Englishman was nevertheless quite comfortable being an icon, happy to espouse random knowledge in his usual profane way. Read More | Comment »

5:15PM Wed. Mar. 12, Luke Winkie

SXSW Live Shot: HyunA

This was undoubtedly the smallest stage HyunA has occupied in quite some time. The 21-year old South Korean has amassed over 100 million total YouTube views between her two smashes “Ice Cream” and “Bubble Pop.” That’s the capacity of Red River dance mainstay Elysium 500,000 times over. Read More | Comment »

11:37AM Wed. Mar. 12, Luke Winkie

Lorde’s Swingin Party

She stood tall and lean at the Austin Music Hall, flanked by two anonymous bodies and their smokestack electronics, first date of her tour and first show since netting a Grammy for Song of the Year. The place was stuffed: teens, snobs, a whole grip of stressed-out moms. Obvious first concert for a number of souls. Good. Pop’s majesty was on full display. Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Tue. Mar. 4, Luke Winkie

The Cult of Neutral Milk Hotel

At the bright age of 17, I took my first paycheck from Round Table Pizza, logged on to Etsy, and bought a pair of Vans slip-ons hand-painted with art from Neutral Milk Hotel’s 1998 sophomore LP, In the Aeroplane Over the Sea. It was an investment made at the intersection of teenaged audacity, disposable income, and confrontational passion. Read More | Comment »

11:30AM Tue. Feb. 18, Luke Winkie

Lou Barlow Valentine

Lou Barlow’s legend. A now decades-long career, two potential first-ballot Hall of Fame bands in Sebadoh and Dinosaur Jr., and some of the most iconic songs in indie rock. On the phone for the former group’s Red 7 show tonight, he’s easy and honest, quick with a laugh and story. He seems charmed at the very idea that somebody would want to pick his brain. Read More | Comment »

1:45PM Fri. Feb. 14, Luke Winkie


Frats have taken Disclosure. It was bound to happen. The brothers Lawrence, Guy and Howard, made one of the best house albums of all time with 2013 bow Settle. Resonance was about as inevitable as Dylan going electric. They packed Stubb’s Friday with polo-donned sardines, enveloping all with chilly synth and mesmerizing percussion. Read More | Comment »

11:15AM Mon. Feb. 3, Luke Winkie

Heroes and Villains: Mike Love

Mike Love invokes so many conflicted feelings it’s easy to forget he co-wrote “Fun, Fun, Fun” and “Good Vibrations,” sang harmony on “Don’t Worry Baby,” took the second verse on “Sloop John B,” and made John Stamos an honorary Beach Boy on Full House. Impressive CV, one nevertheless marred by controversy, and at the Moody Theater on Sunday. Read More | Comment »

12:45PM Sat. Jan. 18, Luke Winkie

Fun Fun Fun Fest Live Shot: Dismemberment Plan

Travis Morrison bounced around backstage giving hugs to all the friends and family buzzing around the Dismemberment Plan. Halfway through the Washingtonians’ performance, he asked for a glowstick and a number of psychedelic cylinders hit the stage. Though the one Morrison picked up had broken, it was still the most loving tomato pelting ever. Read More | Comment »

11:45AM Mon. Nov. 11, 2013, Luke Winkie

Fun Fun Fun Fest Live Shot: Cloud Nothings

During Cloud Nothings’ Sunday afternoon set, a kid in a punk vest climbed onto the Black stage, took one look at his friends below, and then stage-dived. Nobody caught him. There was no better symbol for the flagrantly flavorless performance this Cleveland quartet – which barely seemed to notice the incident – put forth. Read More | Comment »

9:30AM Mon. Nov. 11, 2013, Luke Winkie

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