Vladislav Delay’s Visa

Visa took shape after Vladislav Delay’s 2014 U.S. tour was cancelled due to visa issues. The inane bureaucracy of it all inspired Susa Ripatti’s return to ambient music, following a decade spent glitching across a fragmented ether. The Finish experimentalist shepherded minimal dub-techno with decisive records on Chain Reaction and Mille Plateau. Read More | Comment »

2:25PM Wed. Nov. 19, Conor Walker

Down Low Deconstructs the State Divide Part 2

I’m slouched in a corner of Leper River Studio with Austin’s Bill Converse. The formidable electronic artist came of age via Michigan’s legendary techno community. As a DJ, he cut his teeth in East Lancing and Detroit, performing alongside the genre’s defining acts, including Claude Young, who at the time called Converse “the world’s youngest DJ.” Read More | Comment »

4:20PM Wed. Sep. 10, Conor Walker

Down Low Deconstructs State Divide

Slagging Dallas still thrives in Austin. As a sprawling suburban wasteland, slag away, but when infrastructure ruptures into culture, our criticism gurgles forth as uninformed – much like our city slogan, live music capital of the world. That doesn’t even function on a statewide level. At least when it comes to techno, Dallas remains the Texas epicenter. Read More | Comment »

2:00PM Wed. Sep. 3, Conor Walker

Pan Left with James Hoff

Last week’s All-Notes-Off probed the recondite terra-scapes of Lee Gamble’s Pan arc. In light of the sightless impetus of militarized police departments witnessed during the Ferguson unrest, examining the work of James Hoff – another arm of label’s vanguard genius – pieces together a second angle of Pan’s multifaceted gravity. Read More | Comment »

3:00PM Wed. Aug. 20, Conor Walker

Lee Gamble’s Pan Arc

Lee Gamble’s deconstructionist detour on Pan manifests an intrepid appetite to crinkle his own arc. The Brummie turned Londoner’s cynosure traces the fault line between computer composition and the jungle miasma of the mid-Nineties rave scene. Colliding such polarized realms generates an interpolating space of eddying force. Read More | Comment »

2:30PM Wed. Aug. 13, Conor Walker

EDM: Etiquette to Dull the Masses

I have about as much respect for the term EDM as a head cold. The initialism condenses decades of “electronic dance music” into a marketing fad more aptly represented as an “etiquette to dull the masses.” Read More | Comment »

11:30AM Wed. Jul. 30, Conor Walker

Wheezing Spools: Cassettes in Electronic Music – Part II

Cassettes occupy a reclusive distance from the whims of the masses. Since tapes aren’t enslaved by prescribed pop expectations, a history of idiosyncratically edgy music endures. The following music is separated from the popularity contest vomiting forth from dogmatic dance formulae layered amid the babble of social media. Read More | Comment »

12:30PM Wed. Jul. 23, Conor Walker

Wheezing Spools: Cassettes in Electronic Music - Part I

How does a puny plastic cuboid subject to decay and fluttering live up to a stylus on a bible black plane traveling 45 revolutions per minute? No tape revival or aging critic (ahem) with a cassette label can circumvent a doomed format that whorls and whines in a comic fugue. Yet such invalidities define the format’s unique black sheep standing. Read More | Comment »

2:00PM Wed. Jul. 16, Conor Walker

Demdike Stare

Continuing a survey of electronic and experimental sound design that occupies the space between compositional reclusiveness and music for the dance floor, this third installment of All Notes Off crosses the pond once again. This time zeroing in on Manchester’s Modern Love imprint to dissect Demdike Stare’s ongoing Testpressing series. Read More | Comment »

5:15PM Wed. Jul. 9, Conor Walker

Seldom Felt Reemerges with Skudge

All Notes Off’s survey of electronic & experimental sound design this week rummages through the enigmatic UK label Seldom Felt, tracking six white label singles and their resurfacing for the latest remix series by Swedish duo Skudge. Read More | Comment »

11:00AM Wed. Jul. 2, Conor Walker

All Notes Off: Vincent Floyd, In Sync

All Notes Off is a weekly survey of electronic and experimental sound design that attempts to reach through the dichotomy of composition for reclusiveness and music for the dance floor. This week’s installment delves into two reissued 12-inches from the Nineties, both on renowned Dutch labels. Read More | Comment »

12:38PM Thu. Jun. 19, Conor Walker