Fun Fun Fun Fest Live Shot: Dismemberment Plan

Comfort pop and emo, reunited

By Luke Winkie, 11:45AM, Mon. Nov. 11, 2013

Fun Fun Fun Fest Live Shot: Dismemberment Plan
photo by Shelley Hiam

Travis Morrison bounced around backstage giving hugs to all the friends and family buzzing around the Dismemberment Plan. Halfway through the Washingtonians’ performance, he asked for a glowstick and a number of psychedelic cylinders hit the stage. Though the one Morrison picked up had broken, it was still the most loving tomato pelting ever.

“You guys are taunting me with your functional glowsticks,” he quipped, desperately trying to reignite the plastic tube in his hands.

Morrison isn’t interested in being serious. Despite D-Plan’s status as the poster-child for twentysomething existential breakdowns – and with songs like “The City,” “You Are Invited,” and “A Life of Possibilities” – the frontman doesn’t like it when things get too heavy. He’s not a rock star. He’s only an earnest poet in private, and he’s always willing to cut the tension of his brilliantly articulate lyrical voice with a silly joke.

The Dismemberment Plan enters its third decade of existence after a long run of radio silence and critically abhorred solo projects. Against all odds, the Plan put out a fifth album, Uncanney Valley, this year. Can they make the world care about the band’s new ideas? It’s hard to think of a group more respected, but still tied to a very specific moment and scene than D-Plan.

To their credit, Fun Fun Fun Fest was treated like a reunion tour: all the old great songs and comforting jokes.

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