Stubb’s Expands

New inside stage to host VIPs, private events, and more

By Kevin Curtin, 3:40PM, Mon. Oct. 21, 2013


Under construction: Stubb’s new room
Under construction: Stubb’s new room
Under construction: Stubb’s new room
photo by John Anderson

Ever wondered about those seemingly empty buildings on the Northwest corner of Stubb’s? Venue GM Ryan Garrett said they’ll be seeing use finally after confirming that the three small structures are currently being remodeled.

“They’d been dilapidated storefronts for a long, long time, way before we got the lease,” explained Garrett, who believes they were built in the first couple of decades of the 20th century. “They were in such bad shape that we couldn’t ever use them for anything more than storage.”

On Monday, with work crews entering the strip from inside the venue’s main grounds, there was a building permit posted on the third door that priced the remodel at $160,000. Garrett said the walls separating the three spaces were removed and replaced with steel I-beams to create one room, which, according to the permit, will be 5,400 square feet. Three banks of new bathrooms and lighting were added as well.

Construction, he says, is nearing completion. The room will likely be used for private events as well as for VIPs during Stubb’s outdoor concerts, since the club has been dealing with an increased demand for both according to Garrett. 

He’s optimistic that the space will host live music in the future, though the venue will need to assess acoustics and gauge market interest first.

When asked if Stubb’s was also planning on moving its main stage anytime soon, long a possibility floated by the owners, Garrett was casual.

“It’s possible, because we’re always pursuing ways to better the facility without changing the spirit of the space.”

In April, as part of its 100 Best Big Rooms in America list, Rolling Stone ranked Stubb’s No. 5.

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