Wintry Mix

Odds and ends that didn't quite fit in 2010

By Audra Schroeder, 3:20PM, Wed. Jan. 12, 2011

Wintry Mix

I tried to pack as much as I could into this week's Top 10 issue, but memory is a funny thing, and of course now I'm recalling other jams I jammed in 2010.

Somehow, I only got to hear Dikes of Holland's self-titled debut last week, but I wish I'd heard it earlier. Mucky, murky Texas psych stomp that's great for breaking things to. Get it here.

Currently on the road with Dikes and also on Sundae Records, the Zoltars self-titled debut was more three-chord rock-around-the-living-room fun. Other good'uns: One Hundred Flowers' Mechanical Bride, Pure Ecstasy's 7-inch split with Sleep Over, and the Secrecy's video for "To the Left."

Nationally: Nu Sensae's drum and bass doom was appropriately menacing; Australian ladies Beaches' eternal psych was on repeat; Jana Hunter's new band, Lower Dens, jangled off the freak folk; and Twin Shadow's Forget made me want to dance alone in a dark room. So I did.

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