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By Margaret Moser, 2:16PM, Mon. Mar. 24, 2008

That Patsy’s came close behind with an equally strong showing is also a measure of Austin’s love for good sit-down rooms. Its combination restaurant/venue approach is reminiscent of the beloved Jovita’s, which makes sense since Brad Reed moved from there to Patsy’s.

Gorgeous acoustics abound in the newly reopened north Threadgill’s. There, a section of the old stage has been retrofitted into the new, much larger one located at the north end of the building. The club room expanded across the length of the front of the restaurant, so deftly done it looks new only if you remember the old setup. Which I do, of course, but that brings up a whole different issue that my boyfriend likes to call my “rocking chair club.” Do I resemble that remark?

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