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Chieftains Chief Paddy Moloney

“Hello, Paddy Moloney here!” The voice is everything you imagine the elfin leader of the Chieftains to sound like. Irish lilt? Check. Way with words? Double check. Tales to spin? A million of ’em. So, take a seat by the hearth, because Dublin’s beloved trad Irish music act plays Riverbend Center tonight. Read More | Comment »

2:47PM Wed. Feb. 26, Margaret Moser

Poi Dog Pondering Laughs, Talks Story, and Plays Like There’s No Tomorrow

Looking for a musician to nominate as Best Bassist? How about Bruce Hughes? From Bob Schneider to Arthur Brown, Hughes handpicks his projects with love and caution. This weekend, he’s the bottom line with Poi Dog Pondering at the Continental Club. Read More | Comment »

3:30PM Fri. Feb. 14, Margaret Moser

Alejandro Escovedo: R-O-C-K with the U.S.A.

It’s obvious Alejandro Escovedo took his time picking the acts both highlighted and performing in his United Sounds of Austin show Saturday at the Moody Theater. In a way, it’s a second chance at a once-in-a-lifetime project, one that began years ago in Chicago. Read More | Comment »

3:53PM Fri. Jan. 10, Margaret Moser

Nancy Coplin Retires from ABIA

Here’s something most people don’t know about veteran behind-the-scenester Nancy Coplin: “I came to Austin in 1966 to go to UT and left to marry a man in the ‘music business.’” By 1983, she’d moved back, and neither Austin, the Music Commission, nor the Airport have been the same. Read More | Comment »

11:59AM Mon. Dec. 16, 2013, Margaret Moser

(Dangerous) Toys for Christmas!

“They bring their kids!” So crowed Jason McMaster’s email about Dangerous Toys’ annual reunion – Saturday, Dec. 7, at the Red Eyed Fly – in regards to the hard rockers’ multi-generational appeal. What does that mean to the teasin’ pleasin’ Austinites? Read More | Comment »

2:20PM Thu. Dec. 5, 2013, Margaret Moser

Marshall Chapman’s Back in Town – Tonight!

“Gigs never get old,” mused Marshall Chapman in an email. “Each one’s like living an entire lifetime.” Given the singer-songwriter’s first Austin gig was in 1977 at Soap Creek Saloon, the Spartanburg, SC., native has journeyed miles and miles since, bringing a string of hits and a new CD Blaze of Glory tonight to the Cactus Cafe. Read More | Comment »

5:15PM Wed. Nov. 13, 2013, Margaret Moser

Friends with Benefits

I’m sweating a story deadline and that’s weirdly appropriate given that two friends have passed in one day and I’m writing about a fundraiser for another friend with Stage IV liver cancer. DEAD-line, get it? Thanks, Mr. Reaper. As if I needed more reminders of our mortality. Read More | Comment »

2:30PM Tue. Oct. 8, 2013, Margaret Moser

Aloha, Milly Littlejohn

Milly Littlejohn died last week. Though she was a local resident in the Nineties, it’s unlikely any of you ever met her except perhaps backstage at the Austin Music Awards. Yet if it weren’t for Milly Littlejohn, I might never have come back to work for the Chronicle in 1991 after a sojourn to Hawaii. Read More | Comment »

11:35AM Tue. Oct. 1, 2013, Margaret Moser

Rough Trade Talk with Lucinda Williams

Conversation with Lucinda Williams before an Austin show always brims with nostalgia. That’s even more relevant to the former local’s current tour, on which she performs her third release, 1988’s Rough Trade LP Lucinda Williams, in its entirety on Saturday at Stubb’s. Read More | Comment »

4:20PM Fri. Sep. 13, 2013, Margaret Moser

Joe King Carrasco Says Adios

“Hey, was that Christopher Cross in San Antonio on Labor Day? Man! He said he liked my music!” Joe King Carrasco talks as fast as he plays his signature brand of Tex-Mex that tips its sombrero in every direction. Carrasco plays East Sixth Street joint the Gypsy Lounge tonight before driving home to Puerto Vallarta until next year. Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Fri. Sep. 13, 2013, Margaret Moser

The Best of Chris Isaak

“I’m writing on a moving bus and it’s hitting every pothole!” Getting email from Chris Isaak is enough to make even a seasoned writer giddy. The native Californian shot to fame in 1990 with his Roy Orbison-like croon on “Wicked Game” snaking through David Lynch’s film Wild at Heart. He performs tonight at the Moody Theater. Read More | Comment »

1:15PM Wed. Sep. 4, 2013, Margaret Moser

Slate’s Slate: Preserve the Past

Lost Austin arrives as a gem of book, and no small part of its charm is author John Slate. If Slate’s a safe citizen these days, at age 15 in the punk rock Seventies, he went by the alias Control Rat X, editor of the zine Xiphoid Process. Today, he’s City Archivist for Dallas, though his heart lies in old Austin. Read More | Comment »

12:01PM Fri. Aug. 30, 2013, Margaret Moser

Honky-Tonk Heaven

It’s not quite as dense as the Louvre, but the Broken Spoke packs as much museum as honky-tonk and restaurant. Here’s a baker's dozen of its more charming aspects. Read More | Comment »

11:07AM Fri. Aug. 2, 2013, Margaret Moser

Courtney Love’s Third Passion

“Let’s talk about a little of both.” I’d just asked Courtney Love if she had a preference for chatting about her Saturday show at Emo’s or her recently launched fashion line, Never the Bride. Read More | Comment »

9:53AM Fri. Aug. 2, 2013, Margaret Moser

Don't Let Us Get Sick

“I don't know if you are familiar with Warren Zevon's ‘Don't Let Us Get Sick,’" Will Indian considered in a recent email. “It is a beautiful sentiment and a great song.” Indian should know: He’s been battling Hepatitis C for 37 years and prepping for a Sunday fundraiser at the Saxon for a new liver. Read More | Comment »

11:20AM Fri. Jul. 19, 2013, Margaret Moser

Mary Hattersley Faces Cancer Again

At Enoteca Vespaio on South Congress earlier this week, it’s almost too warm for lattes with Cleve and Mary Hattersley, yet the company’s compelling. As figureheads of local Americana stalwarts Greezy Wheels, life’s been hair-raising, and no more so than recently when Mary, as she puts it, “got cancer a third time.” Read More | Comment »

6:47PM Thu. Jun. 27, 2013, Margaret Moser

RIP Chet Flippo

Let us now praise iconic rock critics like Chet Flippo, whose inner light extinguished in the early hours of this Wednesday June 19. To many, his death is no surprise, for his beloved wife Martha Hume died in December 2012. For others, like me, his passing is bittersweet, part peer and part hero. Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Thu. Jun. 20, 2013, Margaret Moser

El Valiente

Oh, San Antonio. You were rebuilding your rep for South Texas rock dominance – with corazon – until Pinata Protest crashed the fiesta. Armed with blistering “accordion-powered punk rock,” the quartet debuts its latest, El Valiente on S.A.’s Saustex Records, at Antone’s tonight. It’s a Tex-Mex triumph to redefine the Alamo City. Read More | Comment »

4:20PM Thu. May. 16, 2013, Margaret Moser

After Dark

If you think Chronicle blogger and budding young promoter/musician William Harries Graham has cornered the local U18 market, you’re not paying attention. Tonight’s Mohawk show featuring alt-rock duo Magia Negra, with Pangia, Mighty Landshark, Heretiks, and a solo Tito Larriva comes courtesy of Pangia’s David Ziolkowski. He’s 15. Read More | Comment »

12:27PM Wed. May. 8, 2013, Margaret Moser

All Dogs Go To Heaven

My dog died Saturday at the age of 14 and took with her a piece of my already wracked heart. When I adopted her last year through Austin Pets Alive, she had so little chance she was named “Hope.” With me, the black, blind, and deaf Chihuahua became Miss Ray Charles and we were inseparable. Read More | Comment »

2:47PM Tue. Apr. 30, 2013, Margaret Moser

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