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Monae Makes the World Go 'Round

We spoke with Atlanta artist (and really, that should have a CAPITAL "A" on it) Janelle Monae. We apologize for how loud the background noise gets, with sirens adding a soundtrack to her explanation of the runaway androids that populate her musical Metropolis. Plus, she is very soft-spoken, but please have a listen. The sound improves about halfway through, as Ms. Monae explains why she felt it important to support Black Pride in Atlanta this past September by paying them a surprise visit. (And if you live in the South, you know how cool this is.) Click below for video. Read More | Comment »

Allied Peeps 2:22PM Sat. Mar. 21, 2009, Kate X Messer


Although SXSW Interactive is over, the smell in Exhibit Hall 2 still lingers. That's because EH2 played host to the free-to-all arcade known as Screenburn. It took me back, as my father was (and still is) a gamer. When I was a kid my brother, father, and I played co-operative shoot-em-up games, shouting such gems as "In your face!" and "Dead! Dead! You're Dead!" at each other, while never taking our fingers off of the keyboard. But honestly, I got nothing on the kids who were playing in the Screenburn Arcade. You could tell they had been playing for hours on end, perhaps because their tech-dweeb parents were attending panels in other areas of the convention hall. So why is this in the GP? Read More | Comment »

Celebrate Me Homo 2:14PM Sat. Mar. 21, 2009, Andy Campbell


I just know when I use words like "transcendent," you dear readers must roll your eyes. But truly, like Booji Boy on a bungie, my experience at Devo at the Austin Music Hall SXSW 2009 hovered above all others. I'll leave the reviews to the music section, but will share this: Read More | Comment »

Celebrate Me Homo 11:11AM Sat. Mar. 21, 2009, Kate X Messer

Crack Chronicle politics reporter Richard Whittaker cracks Amanda Palmer's code. Part 1 and 2.

Wherein the Gay Place Recruits Backup to Handle Amanda Palmer

Richard Whittaker and Amanda Palmer really hit it off. In part one, they discuss (at first, non-verbally) sucking dick, William Shatner, ukuleles, Morrissey, and Oasis on the radio. And they cuddle. Read More | Comment »

Gaylebrities 10:46PM Wed. Mar. 18, 2009, Kate X Messer

Chinese Water Torture

A few more drops for the thirsty chattle: Yelle is on Perez Hilton's One Night in Austin bill. As are Lady Sovereign, Solange, and Ida Maria. Stay tuned. Drip… drip… drip. Read More | Comment »

Homo Happs 5:20PM Tue. Mar. 17, 2009, Kate X Messer

Cagey Perez Announces Two THREE Tigers

Super sneaky Perez Hilton is letting you eat cake, bitches, releasing only a droplet of info per day regarding who will actually be at his One Night in Austin party this Saturday night (and Yes, He. Did. book the old Obama HQ on the I-35 access road). Last year Hilton ho's were treated to N.E.R.D., Katy Perry, and (our personal fave) Robyn. This year? We just got off the phone with Chelsey, PH's party publicist, after rending our garments and prostrating ourselves, C could only remark that the line up was so "bulletproof top secret, even I don't know all the performers yet!" WHATEVER! I tried, babydolls. What we do know, is already up on his site: Little Boots. Ladyhawke. We'll keep you posted. Oh, and read the Gay Place tomorrow for a chance at 2 passes! UPDATE! Oops! We forgot that we already knew that Margaret Cho will be there, too! Plus: Our own Ash passes along that it will be Diva-themed. Read More | Comment »

Celebrate Me Homo 1:45PM Mon. Mar. 16, 2009, Kate X Messer

Tonight is the big SXSW Interactive Plutopia party at the Palmer!

Plutopians Unite

We cornered Heather Gold after her most excellent panel discussion about Feminism and asked her about tonight's Plutopia Party at the Palmer. Stop reading and start clicking! [video-1] [video-2] Read More | Comment »

GP Crush of the Week 1:37PM Mon. Mar. 16, 2009, Kate X Messer

GayBiGayGay Line-Up!!!!!

OK, so that nine or so hours we just spent online on thousands of MySpace queer band pages trying to cull this list for THE PEOPLE could have been condensed down to the 30 seconds or so it took for that email that Koonce just sent out, but either way, the GayBiGayGay line-up is here! Without further ado: GAYBIGAYGAY Sunday, March 22 1-1:20 Agent Ribbons
1:30-1:50 Dangerous Ponies
2-2:20 Polka Dotdotdot
2:30-2:55 Gretchen Phillips
3:05-3:15 Christeene
3:25-3:50 Butch County
4-4:20 Dave End
4:30-4:50 Storm Shelter
5-5:25 Purple Rhinestone Eagle
5:35-6 Maple Rabbit (maybe later for projection reasons)
6:10-6:35 Excuses for Skipping
6:45-7:10 Romanteek
7:20-7:45 Big Freedia (Sissy Bounce) Watch this space over the next few days for even more details. Read More | Comment »

Fag Haggin' 9:04PM Sun. Mar. 15, 2009, Kate X Messer

Which Came First: The Twitter or the Twegg???

DANG IT. I have been jumping around like an interactive idiot and did not get this up in a timely fashion. My apologies. Mobile Loaves and Fishes, the amazing Austin-based homeless service ministry just held a really cool contest for SXSW Interactive that will culminate at Monday's Plutopia Party. While it's too late to enter part one of the contest, it's not too late to follow, and in doing so, learn all about what this fabulous group does. (Oh, and P.S.: early next week, we will blog about their upcoming Street Retreat, wherein MLF members will live like and alongside their homeless brothers and sisters for a few nights at a time.) OK, so bottom line, this is about the incredible, edible egg and how it brings life, nourishment, and fellowship, as delivered by our pals at MLF, to our fellow bros and sises surviving out on the street. Do click below to learn more! (Thanks to Brenda for the head's up. Rarely – as in never – do we quote Press Releases so directly, but in this case we make an eggception, because Brenda's such a good egg...) Read More | Comment »

Happenings 1:28AM Sun. Mar. 15, 2009, Kate X Messer

Heather Gold Wants to Talk With You

After spending an hour talking with Heather Gold I feel certain about one thing, life is going to get better. How else to describe a conversation that left me high and uplifted? I say conversation, because, although it was scheduled as an interview, it's what we did. We conversed. Plus, my notes were lacking, so I am going to attempt to recreate her vibe rather that futz around with "quotes." Also, we are going to catch her Interactive panel today at 3:30pm and hope to come away from that with a vlog we'll post tomorrow. If you don't know Heather Gold's name then you should, whether you're queer or not. She's been described as "the turkey baster love child of Sarah Silverman and Rachel Maddow," but honestly, I'd add that there's a little bit of Bob Ross in there, too: Happy Trees! (she's supportive of your art!). Austinites may be familiar with her, she birthed her one-woman show I Look Like an Egg, but I Identify as a Cookie partially in Austin. This was a performance in which she baked cookies for the audience while carrying on a variety of improvisational conversations. Yummers. Gold also hosted Austin Gay Pride events a few years back, and has lectured extensively. These days, she's developing a new show, I Didn't Know How Much I Loved You Until Ken Starr Filed to Divorce Us, about her recent marriage to her wife and the likely invalidation of said union. I've never met a performer like her. Read More | Comment »

GP Crush of the Week 2:45PM Sat. Mar. 14, 2009, Andy Campbell

South African Lesbians Raped to 'Cure' Them

Last April Eudy Simelane, former star of South Africa's national female soccer team and one of the first openly lesbian South African equal rights campaigners was brutally gang-raped, beaten, stabbed to death by 25 knife blows, and thrown in a creek. In South Africa these rapes with intent to cure are growing increasingly more common while the national prosecuting authority sits criminally idle stating, "hate crimes-especially of a sexual nature-are rife, it is not something that the South African government has prioritized as a specific project." Apparently, the South African government finds other crimes, education, and HIV/AIDS prevention to be of a higher priority. A South Africa that continues to callously overlook the reprecussions of allowing it citizenry to be sexual victimized is undermining any of it's other efforts. How does one learn, turn away from a life of crime, or prevent the spread of AIDS if they can not leave the house for fear of being gang-raped or killed? Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 11:31PM Fri. Mar. 13, 2009, Ash Bell

Queer Queer Queer Movies

Hi homo fwends, I've been busy living up to my Virgo nature by meticulously scheduling out my time for SXSW and getting so excited in the process. So I wanted to let you in on screenings and film events that queers might really love… now, of course, this list is by no means comprehensive and represents only my own tastes and proclivities. This year there are precious fewer than last, but the selections are sweet. Pasted below is my own SXSW must-see list and when I plan to see them (many of these films will be relatively easy to see, given that you arrive early to the venue and bring $10 with you, or obviously if you have a film pass or badge). Please check the SXSW pages of each film (I've link them to their titles) for additional screen times. Read More | Comment »

Homo Happs 12:45PM Fri. Mar. 13, 2009, Andy Campbell

How Not to Impregnate Your Wife...

I love babies. I want a whole Jolie-Pitt-like brood. It's a fact, some ladies and gents are just hardwired to want little ones. If that is the case for you as well, might I suggest making sure your partner is on the same page before you come home all "liquored up" with a turkey baster and a jar of your brother's little white squigglies??? That is exactly, well, allegedly what happened Tuesday in Pittsfield, MA. You think things like that would be common sense or that it would at least "click" when your wife is locking herself in the bathroom and calling the cops. Read More | Comment »

Oh No She Di'n't! 11:59AM Fri. Mar. 13, 2009, Ash Bell

'I Don't Know What More I Can Give'

Another episode another round of critiques from the Queen of Sheen Claudette Murphree, Jenny Schecter-killer Felice Triragoff, and li'l ol' ultra-fey-in-every-way me. Thoughts after the jump! Read More | Comment »

Celebrate Me Homo 11:11AM Tue. Mar. 10, 2009, Andy Campbell

We ALL Killed Jenny Schecter

A small piece of every one of us died tonight. {cough} As of right this minute, I have watched exactly two entire episodes of the L-Word. The first season premiere and the last season's finale. I'm sure I missed a few things in between (although I feel: perhaps not), but the lingering question that burns in my mind has nothing to do with Jenny Schecter. It has to do with that dirt squirrel. And that haircut. Really. Max, if you already look as stunning as Daniela Sea, why would you aspire to Sonny Bono? Read More | Comment »

Made Us Go "Hmmmmm" 9:14PM Sun. Mar. 8, 2009, Kate X Messer

Who Killed Jenny Schecter?

Our most (un)favorite poetess, Jenny Schecter, is dead and now, at the end of the final season of the L-Word, we get see whodunit. My money's on suicide, but with the caveat that someone else gets blamed for the crime (ahem, Alice). Obviously we'll have lots to say after tonight's show is over. And yes, the cast and crew of the Gay Place will experience this seminal lesbian moment together (despite the fact that most of us have never watched the show). But until then, R.I.P. Jenny Schecter! ::Pours Zima out on the parquet floor:: Read More | Comment »

In Loving Memory 3:11PM Sun. Mar. 8, 2009, Andy Campbell

Tricking Straight Women

When I look back at my blog posts, I get the impression that I watch entirely too much television. Confirm or deny? Confirm. Today's catch of the day is Gay, Straight or Taken? on the vomitous LifeTime Television Network. The show started in 2007, and the premise, as you might guess, is that a lovely young straight women goes out on a group date with three young gentlemen (Sidebar: Can we talk about how weird the reality show group date as a form is? Confirm of deny? Confirm, again.), and she must choose based on her limited interactions with the men which one is taken (by another woman), which one is gay (and taken by a man), and which one is straight (and available for some horizontal happy times). As you can imagine, this gay is fascinated and repulsed… Read More | Comment »

Poop Chute 6:30AM Thu. Mar. 5, 2009, Andy Campbell

Last Queen Standing

This week on the couch we have the always gorge Claudette Murphree, the not-so-secret-L-Word watcher Felice Trirogoff, and artist/provocatuer Ben Aqua. Let's get to our read of this week's RuPaul's Drag Race. Read More | Comment »

Celebrate Me Homo 10:13AM Tue. Mar. 3, 2009, Andy Campbell

Lesbians Suck

Lesbian Vampire Killers opens in UK theaters on March 20, and not since Daughters of Darkness has there been a more horrific and stultifying treatise on lesbian vampires. I can't decide whether this film should be more like Vampyros Lesbos or like Charles Busch's Vampire Lesbians of Sodom. Actually, I get the feeling that this could be the analogue of Snakes on a Plane, except lesbians are the snakes? What do you think? Trailer below… The hype is building in England, but the film isn't set for release in the states… yet. Mwahahahah! Read More | Comment »

Made Us Go "Hmmmmm" 3:27PM Mon. Mar. 2, 2009, Andy Campbell

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