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Oh No She Di'n't!

One Man's View Is Another Man's Duck Face

The Duck Dynasty story is as wrought with at least as many plot twists as your average soap opera, only it's reality TV. In the latest installment, the beleaguered patriarch returns with help from A&E. Read More | Comment »

7:30PM Fri. Dec. 27, 2013, Lawrence Everett Forbes

Utah: Mormonism, Sundance… and Gay Marriage?

The Beehive State is all a-buzz. Read More | Comment »

5:50PM Fri. Dec. 20, 2013, Lawrence Everett Forbes

The AggreGAYtor: April 8

Rick Perry walks on water, Barney Frank visits Texas, and Snoop Lion pours one out. Today's AggreGAYtor rinses and repeats. Read More | Comment »

3:00PM Mon. Apr. 8, 2013, Brandon Watson

The Big O? Oh, No.

Hey, jerk-offs. You’re using the power of the big O for a quick fix, and you’re doing it wrong. Read More | Comment »

12:39PM Mon. Mar. 11, 2013, Kate X Messer

Girl Fight: Rousey v. Carmouche

The first openly gay female fighter takes on the UFC champ, Feb. 23. Yep, it's on pay-per-view, but ch-ch-check out the video below for the lead up drama. Read More | Comment »

6:10PM Mon. Feb. 11, 2013, Liz Williams

The AggreGAYtor: December 26

Katt Williams names names, Newt Gingrich faces reality, and Mark Regnerus chokes the ideological chicken. Today’s AggreGAYtor’s back again, doin' a little east coast fling. Read More | Comment »

12:45PM Wed. Dec. 26, 2012, Brandon Watson

The AggreGAYtor: October 23

Fergie has a lesbian romp, Jan Paul is running scared, and Fred Karger is going after NOM. They say today’s AggreGAYtor is really sexy. The boys they wanna sex me. Read More | Comment »

12:00PM Tue. Oct. 23, 2012, Brandon Watson

Feminist Flirt

I felt like a total charlatan with that Professional Reporter's Notebook in my hand. But I dabbed my pen with purpose along with all the other news jockeys in the press conference (everyone knows that pure reporting's not my real gig). So when I raised my hand to ask Gloria Steinem a question, things went a li'l woolly. Read More | Comment »

4:19PM Thu. Sep. 6, 2012, Kate X Messer

The AggreGAYtor: August 10

The Olympics get steamy, Rob Halford champs at the bit, and the Big Wheel keeps on turning. Today’s AggreGAYtor really, really, really wants to zigazig ahh. Read More | Comment »

11:45AM Fri. Aug. 10, 2012, Brandon Watson

NOLA Fried Pie Icon a Total Loss in Morning Blaze

We awoke to sad news from NOLA: The adorable Hubig's pie factory in New Orleans' Faubourg Marigny was taken out in an early morning fire. Read More | Comment »

8:50AM Fri. Jul. 27, 2012, Kate X Messer

Feds Raid Sixth Street Bars

One of Austin's biggest club owners faces federal indictment today after law enforcement raided four downtown venues. The FBI alleges that Hussein Ali "Mike" Yassine, his brothers Hadi and Mohammed, and assistant Marissa Marthe Ruales laundered over $200,000 "believed to be the proceeds of narcotics trafficking" through several businesses. Read More | Comment »

5:18PM Thu. Mar. 22, 2012, Richard Whittaker

Villain of the Week: Victoria Jackson

If you're my age (26) then you probably don't know who she is, but Victoria Jackson has come out of her food hole to spread homophobia on Showbiz Tonight. I, like you, are asking "Why should I give a @#$% what Victoria Jackson thinks?" Read More | 2 Comments »

12:38PM Fri. Mar. 25, 2011, Rob Cohen

Wish(fulfilled) List 2010

Channukah is (sadly) over, but that means that I've already got what I wanted. Most of it was gifted to me… by me! I believe in treating myself right; sometimes I like to run a nice hot bubble bath, put on Barry White and (this blog is publicly searchable, right?!?)… sing along. Here's what I gave to myself: Read More | Comment »

10:45AM Fri. Dec. 17, 2010, Andy Campbell

Friday Blingee: NOLA Realness

Listen, last night two of your GPers (Kate and myself) were in Galveston watching the B-52's (didja see Kate X Messer's two-parter with shout-singer Fred Schneider?! OMGZ FOR DAYZ!!) and today we're taking our freakshow to New Orleans. Where it belongs. Read More | Comment »

8:55AM Fri. Nov. 12, 2010, Andy Campbell

Breaking Up Is Hard to Do

[Editor's Note: Welcome our special guest blogger, UT prof Dana Cloud. We invited Dana to respond to Frank Rivera's post about Cloud's speech at last week's Vigil in Purple. – kxm] Read More | 3 Comments »

2:32PM Wed. Oct. 27, 2010, Kate X Messer

Gays and Unmarrieds Shouldn't Be in the Classroom?

This left me wondering if I'd traveled back in time to the 1800s, only to realize I was reading it on the Internetz. Which obviously means that Sen. Jim DeMint is the one with time travel issues, not me. Apparently, the senator from South Carolina believes that gays and unmarried women should not be in the classroom. Read More | Comment »

9:25AM Mon. Oct. 4, 2010, Julie Gillis

Just a Just World

Equality Texas blogger, Lindsay Marsh, says it better than I could, and she speaks from her position as a Catholic and St. Ed's alum. Whoa. Read More | Comment »

5:54PM Thu. Sep. 2, 2010, Andy Campbell

Calling All Remix Artists!

Are you a master of mashups? Can you whirl around music on your MacBook like a Pro? Does the electronica at most clubs seem puerile and basic? Well then, I have a mission for you. Megan Phelps-Roper (scion of the Fred Phelps, head of the Westboro Baptist Church) released a cover of Lady Gaga's "Telephone", and wouldn't you know it? It's delightfully hateful. Read More | Comment »

10:50PM Wed. Jul. 21, 2010, Frank J. Rivera

Dear BSG: Am I Gay?

Dear BSG,
Whenever I have sex with my wife, I fantasize about having sex with my secretary (who's a guy), does that mean I'm gay?
"DOUBTING MYSELF" Read More | Comment »

10:10AM Fri. May. 21, 2010, Claire Harrison

Ask the Best Straight Girlfriend

Every straight girl has a fantasy. It centers around a man with deep soulful eyes. He is funny, he is kind, he will cheerfully accompany you to shop for a new pair of shoes. He is your best, gay friend. Read More | Comment »

9:27AM Fri. May. 21, 2010, Claire Harrison

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