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Made Us Go "Hmmmmm"

UPDATED: Too Close for Comfort

It was bound to have happened. As the country-western line dancing trend died down, things began to grow scandalous. Some people even started touching, rolling around like Burt Lancaster in From Here to Eternity. Emboldened, a gay couple took a spin at Victoria's Cactus Canyon. Club staff couldn't sniff the smelling salts for the sulfur. Read More | Comment »

1:15PM Thu. Dec. 26, 2013, Brandon Watson

Good, Good, Good, Good Vibrations: A Contest

"The safest sex you can have is with a toy, so sign up!" That was one mother's rationale for escorting her 18-year-old daughter to the Trojan Vibrations Pleasure Cart this Saturday just outside the ACL gates.  Read More | Comment »

2:05PM Mon. Oct. 14, 2013, Sarah Marloff

Book Review: 'Golden Boy'

Max Walker, the 16-year-old protagonist of Abigail Tarttelin’s Golden Boy (Atria), is the popular, handsome, well-regarded son of a well-to-do British family with hands in local politics. But he and his parents, since his infancy, have been concealing a secret from the world. Read More | Comment »

12:15PM Tue. May. 21, 2013, Jeanne Thornton

The AggreGAYtor: March 27

Carson Kressley tries to bring people together, Gary Bauer throws a hissy fit, and Jose Canseco really, really like us. For today's AggreGAYtor it's one, two, three strikes, you're out. Read More | Comment »

4:26PM Wed. Mar. 27, 2013, Brandon Watson

Faulty Tower

The 50-story penumbra cast by the new Fairmont Austin hotel at Second and Red River will not be the only shady thing about the project. The tower is being financed by Manchester Texas Financial Group, whose founder and chairman* Doug F. Manchester helped bankroll a far less glamorous project – California’s same-sex marriage banning Prop 8. Read More | Comment »

3:14PM Wed. Mar. 6, 2013, Brandon Watson

The AggreGAYtor: January 29

Barney Frank readies for his close-up, Dan Cathy bros down, and Chris Brown gets a little testy. Today’s AggreGAytor, who once knew better words, now only uses four letter words. Writing prose, anything goes. Read More | Comment »

4:00PM Tue. Jan. 29, 2013, Brandon Watson

The AggreGAYtor: January 24

Brendon Ayanbadejo has Buzby Berkely dreams, Paul Clement has a sweet fantasy, and Leticia Van de Putte keeps shooting for the castles in the sky. Today’s AggreGAYtor hears the secrets that you keep, when you’re talking in your sleep. Read More | Comment »

5:00PM Thu. Jan. 24, 2013, Brandon Watson

The AggreGAYtor: January 10

Kelly Clarkson beats them off with a stick, Peter LaBarbera beats a dead horse, and Nate Silver beats around the bush. Nobody can hurt today’s AggreGAYtor without its permission. Read More | Comment »

1:10PM Thu. Jan. 10, 2013, Brandon Watson

The AggreGAYtor: December 12

Ban-Ki Moon is outraged, Susan Rice isn’t having it, and Cyndi Lauper says no ma’am. Today’s AggreGAYtor ain’t just a river in Egypt. Read More | Comment »

11:45AM Wed. Dec. 12, 2012, Brandon Watson

The AggreGAYtor: November 12

Allen West refuses to give in, Elton John adds to his collection, and Queen Latifah may be ready to divulge her secrets. In a 90’s kind of world, today’s AggreGAYtor is glad its got my girls. Read More | Comment »

3:30PM Mon. Nov. 12, 2012, Brandon Watson

The AggreGAYtor: October 4

James Franco debuts his “art film,” P!NK panders to her gay audience, and Michelle Bachmann continues to get on people’s nerves. Today’s AggreGAYtor is like a roller coaster, baby. I want to ride. Read More | Comment »

1:10PM Thu. Oct. 4, 2012, Brandon Watson

The AggreGAYtor: August 28

Matthew Mitcham roams if he want to, Fox News trolls the Romney sons, and Lady Gaga records in the buff. Today’s AggreGAYtor is preparing for the coming storm. Read More | Comment »

11:20AM Tue. Aug. 28, 2012, Brandon Watson

Sorry, Charlie, Too Much Cheer

A neighborhood disagreement over the interpretation of a sound ordinance further restricts how late Cheer Up Charlies may play music, possibly reducing the East Side late night hot spot to an afternoon-only hangout. Will it – and by extension, the rest of East Sixth Street – be able to survive? Read More | Comment »

9:40AM Fri. Aug. 17, 2012, Tyler Pratt

The AggreGAYtor: August 3

Anderson Cooper makes a switch, Carl Hester rides ahead of Ann Romney, and Megyn Kelly short circuits. Today’s AggreGAYtor is horsing around. Read More | Comment »

1:46PM Fri. Aug. 3, 2012, Brandon Watson

The AggreGAYtor: July 25

Chick-fil-A is up to shenanigans, Mike Huckabee takes a big bite, and a DC couple survives a brutal bashing. Today’s AggreGAYtor is not amused. Read More | Comment »

12:40PM Wed. Jul. 25, 2012, Brandon Watson

The AggreGAYtor: July 19, Part 1

[EDITOR'S NOTE: The Gay Place has a new news aggregaytor. Please welcome Brandon Watson. Part 2 will run a bit later this morning.] Read More | Comment »

8:45AM Thu. Jul. 19, 2012, Brandon Watson

Penis Study

UT students: You wanna know what a Penile Plethysmograph is, right? We don't usually take the time out of our busy day eating honeysuckle and sippin' on dew to pimp medical studies, but, um … this one caught our interest. If you're a gay (cisMale) UT student you can watch some dude-on-dude pornvids and know that you're contributing to S-C-I-E-N-C-E. Shhh. Read More | Comment »

7:30PM Fri. Apr. 13, 2012, Andy Campbell

Tuesday News Gay on a Wednesday: Dec. 21

This week's LGBT news round up includes a newly outed anti-gay Republican, a book about Rick Perry's alleged gay exploits, and some choice entertainment gossip. So pony on up to the bar and have yourself a nice tall glass of queer news! Read More | Comment »

9:17AM Wed. Dec. 21, 2011, Daniel Villareal

Tuesday News Gay: Dec. 13

In this week's very political version of our weekly LGBT news roundup, Rick Perry starts a big gay fight, Obama and Clinton try to make the world safer for LGBTs, an 8-year-old matches wits with Michele Bachmann, and an amazing marriage equality ad from Australia changes the conversation from tax benefits to L-U-V. Read More | Comment »

3:30PM Tue. Dec. 13, 2011, Daniel Villareal

Men, Lesbians, Blogs, WTF?

Recently, two well-read blogs (LezGetReal and A Gay Girl in Damascus) supposedly created and produced by lesbians have been discovered to have been created and produced by middle aged men. WTF? Read More | Comment »

1:12PM Tue. Jun. 14, 2011, Julie Gillis

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