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The AggreGAYtor: October 30

Texans show their true colors, Daryl talks back, and lesbian bars around the world disappear, as your AggreGAYtor casts aspersions on certain asparagus. Read More | Comment »

8:30AM Thu. Oct. 30, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: October 29

Texarkana braces for confusion, Dolly Parton breaks us off some, and the SBC pledges to shame us into oblivion, as your AggreGAYtor gets away with murder. Read More | Comment »

8:30AM Wed. Oct. 29, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: October 28

Churches act right, queers act out for tricks and treats, and ebola cleans our collective media pipes, as your AggreGAYtor watches the comet whenever ze wants to watch the comet. Read More | Comment »

8:30AM Tue. Oct. 28, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: October 27

Federal employee benefits roll out, a "legit cowboy" shows us how it's done, and President Carter somehow remains the forgotten chief, as your AggreGAYtor considers Amanda Leporeism as hir new religion. Read More | Comment »

11:00AM Mon. Oct. 27, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: October 24

Working mothers of the year unite, Austin lesbian wives stand up and fight back, and Lisa Kudrow makes another comeback, as your AggreGAYtor avoids the Reagan nation. Read More | Comment »

8:30AM Fri. Oct. 24, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: October 23

Wyoming takes a hayride, SCOTUS waits it out, and Dan Patrick scares our pants off, as your AggreGAYtor goes full Duck Dynasty. Read More | Comment »

8:02AM Thu. Oct. 23, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: October 20

Pope Francis gets checked, Rome's mayor takes Francis' almost-word to heart, and Annise Parker gets a dose of persecution complex, as your AggreGAYtor adjourns hir synod. Read More | Comment »

8:20AM Mon. Oct. 20, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: October 17

Idaho gits ’er done, Colbert evolves, and Scott Lively menaces us from Moscow, as your AggreGAYtor sniffs hir candles. Read More | Comment »

8:29AM Fri. Oct. 17, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: October 15

New Pope tries to be nice, California gives queers a chance, and queer Irish folk aren't having it, as your AggreGAYtor heads to the Baathhaus. Read More | Comment »

9:25PM Tue. Oct. 14, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: October 10

Obamacare aids the gays, Time Warner pulls a big "oops," and Mike Huckabee thinks two branches should revolt against the Constitution, as your AggreGAYtor chalks up a few rainbows. Read More | Comment »

12:10PM Fri. Oct. 10, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: October 9

Texas teeters on the precipice, SCOTUS fiddles away, and fraternities everywhere look to Austin, as your AggreGAYtor forms a breeding ball. Read More | Comment »

1:45PM Thu. Oct. 9, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: October 7

SCOTUS clears the way, Methodists work on getting their minds right, and GLAAD hosts another award, as your AggreGAYtor picks at the labels. Read More | Comment »

10:45AM Tue. Oct. 7, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: October 3

Wendy Davis goes for the money ball, everybody gets married, and Greg Abbott makes us go, "Hmmm," as your AggreGAYtor waxes poetic. Read More | Comment »

9:30AM Fri. Oct. 3, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: October 2

Austin OUTs itself, Texas gets beat down, and a straight mens' magazine looks to us for leadership, as your AggreGAYtor cries crocodile tears for victims of marriage. Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Thu. Oct. 2, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: September 30

Sugarland jumps to the fore, Serbia shows pride against all odds, and Dallas gets the short end, as your AggreGAYtor joins the Booby Hatch. Read More | Comment »

8:00AM Tue. Sep. 30, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: September 29

Eric Holder gives us his last hoorah, the EEOC gives us T-word justice, and Christians dump the NALT excuse, as your AggreGAYtor test drives Ello. Read More | Comment »

10:15AM Mon. Sep. 29, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: September 25

Louisiana follows the trend, the trend lines level off, and Yoweri Museveni vows to give Uganda the Dallas treatment, as your AggreGAYtor harasses Chris Pratt. Read More | Comment »

8:30AM Thu. Sep. 25, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: September 22

Houston gets its nuptials on, Brazilians kick up their skirts, and Kelly Osbourne meets royalty, as your AggreGAYtor vogues in purple. Read More | Comment »

2:50PM Mon. Sep. 22, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: September 18

Greg Abbott gets a potential gift, Ruth Bader Ginsberg gives us a heads-up, and the trans kids are alright, as your AggreGAYtor poisons hir sister. Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Thu. Sep. 18, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: September 17

Quinto does Franco, Symantec eases up, and a concerned Christian disappoints everyone, as your AggreGAYtor goes gender outlaw. Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Wed. Sep. 17, David Estlund

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