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Alone in a Crowd

By now, many of you have heard about an act of violence that occurred on Sunday outside of Rain on 4th. Bobby Beltran was leaving the club with friends and was attacked by five men. Worse? There was a crowd watching. No one helped. Read More | Comment »

5:05PM Mon. Dec. 27, 2010, Julie Gillis

Checking All the Connections

If you hold a baby goat just right, they make this sound like a purr. It's amazing, mind changing even. I did not know this in all my mumblemumble years, but I know it now. And it's stirring up the pondering pot of my mind about queerness, of being outside, or at times, inside while being outside. Of not being in the "norm" and what that means on a day-to-day basis. Read More | Comment »

12:17PM Wed. Nov. 10, 2010, Julie Gillis

Honoring Allies: The Home Edition

This whole month has been amazing, daunting, inspiring. Between LGBT history, poignant stories about bullying and suicides, breaking news about DADT, and politics at large, I want to take the political and make it personal. It's that personal perspective that often helps makes us political and paves the paths for allies. I'd like to share my path. Read More | Comment »

12:34PM Wed. Oct. 27, 2010, Julie Gillis

Ally Week: Atticus Circle and GLSEN

It's Ally Week, so let's share humpy love for two great organizations promoting equality and collaboration. Working together is the best way to ensure that respect, safety, and equality happen in our lifetime. No one gets it all done in isolation, right? Read More | Comment »

9:25AM Wed. Oct. 20, 2010, Julie Gillis

Come on Out!

By this time you are all very well aware it’s National Coming Out Week, and if you aren’t aware: Guess what? It's National Coming Out Week! If you are fashionably late to the party, my sexy ally friends, here are some ways you can shake it up, dust it off, and come on out of the closet in style, along with your LGBTQ friends and family. Read More | Comment »

9:08AM Wed. Oct. 13, 2010, Julie Gillis

One Sweet Treaty

Ally. What the flippity flip does that mean? Since this whole Wednesday column is about allies and showin' em all the love we can since they do the same for us, I thought I'd just spell it out. Besides, I love playing around with the foxy Merriam-Webster, and it's nice to get things off on the right foot. Read More | Comment »

9:00AM Wed. Oct. 6, 2010, Julie Gillis

Allies vs. Bullies

Editor's note: The heartbreaking story of Houston-area teen Asher Brown inspires our new blogger Julie to explore how allies can help address the issue of bullying in schools. It's a fine launch for Gay Place's first Hump (Our Allies) Day Wednesday feature
– kxm Read More | 1 Comment »

9:00AM Wed. Sep. 29, 2010, Julie Gillis

Cho My God!

Sunday's Margaret Cho show at the Paramount kicked the ass of me! Nobody does scat so sweetly. Nobody. Her soliloquy about the results of drinking olive oil (NSFW) certainly got the crowd lubricated, and the slope only got slipperier from there! Read More | Comment »

4:59PM Mon. Sep. 13, 2010, Kate X Messer

Split Pride, Unified Chronicle

It feels very edifying to have our brothers and sisters over in the Politics Department and elsewhere on staff covering stories like this. Read More | Comment »

4:00PM Thu. Jun. 3, 2010, Ricky Hill

The Elements Covered for a Queen

So much to tell you about from the road in Louisiana, darling chickenlips. Read More | 1 Comment »

10:25AM Sat. May. 1, 2010, Kate X Messer

Looney for Clooney

Don't judge. So the guy stripped down to tie and manties to declare his adoration for his beloved. Who can blame him? I know some dykes who would go to even further lengths of humiliation than this for this particular beloved. His beloved is adorable, he's desirable, he's George Clooney for goatssake. Read More | Comment »

10:58PM Tue. Sep. 8, 2009, Kate X Messer

And That's the Way It Was It Was It Was

Ah, the NYT Arts Blog caught an Austin something we totally missed! The Daily Texan reposted on their website a 1935 interview that an 18-year-old named Walter Cronkite conducted with a then visiting writer by the name of Gertrude Stein as a part of a lovely webpage homage to the media standard bearer who attended UT Austin all those years ago. His prose is succinct with every word an impact. He's also very hip:
Miss Alice B. Toklas, Miss Stein’s traveling companion whose title is not “secretary,” according to the author, was present. This lady who walked in on Miss Stein twenty-five years ago and has been with her ever since has absorbed much of the charm possessed by the most famous of the pair.
Godspeed, Mr. Cronkite. As one who has always considered herself a passing admirer, I feel compelled to become a better student of the art you so graciously possessed. Read More | Comment »

4:20PM Fri. Jul. 24, 2009, Kate X Messer

Kathy Griffin Rocks My Socks

It all started when the lights when down in the beautiful, Long Center. All the gay men put down their cardboard cut outs of Kathy's crazy face with a crown on her head and piped down. It was quite the faggy/haggy evening. Although, surprisingly, there were more galadies there than I could count on two hands. Read More | Comment »

12:34PM Fri. Jul. 10, 2009, Ash Bell

Remember Stonewall! Remember the Rainbow Lounge!

Equality Texas is calling for a full investigation into what eyewitnesses are calling a "brutal" raid on Fort Worth gay bar, the Rainbow Lounge. Our ever vigilant pals at ET have launched a page to encourage supporters to get active and send letters to Fort Worth's mayor and council. The ET Take Action page features sample letters and easy ways for you to make your voice heard in this struggle. DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT DO IT Read More | Comment »

10:17AM Tue. Jun. 30, 2009, Kate X Messer

A Beautiful Day in the Cul du Sac

When Knots Landing executive producer David Jacobs accepted their pearl anniversary award from Prime TV's 2009 TV Land Awards, he said, "If I did it again now, and I really would like to do it again now, the only difference is, I'd have a new married couple on the left side named Jeff and Peter and new married couple on the right named Molly and Maria, but other than that I'd keep it just the same!" to hoots and joyous laughter from the audience and cast. Click here and find the Knots Landing link to see the clip. And none of this was as gay as the musical tribute to Sid & Marty Kroft, featuring La Lauper on the Electra Woman & DynaGirl theme. (Again, once you click, you must scroll down and find the tribute link.) It even out-gayed host Neil Partick Harris. Whoa. Read More | Comment »

8:00PM Sun. Apr. 26, 2009, Kate X Messer

Hugh Jackman: Queer...

…for Mickey. As for the rest of you, sorry, ummm, no. Read More | Comment »

4:24PM Sun. Apr. 26, 2009, Kate X Messer

The Gaythering Storm

The Funny or Die folks are making fun of Christian social conservatives again, uh oh! Don't you think it's just too easy sometimes? Take: Teabagging. This is the same site that brought Prop 8 the Musical to the pop culture table, and now they've brought us this gem. This time, FOD sends up the National Organization for Marriage A Storm Is Gathering advert. With more queer cast members than you can shake a bundle of sticks at – oh, and Alicia Silverstone – this is one viral video we're glad to pass on. Oh, and it seems that FOD didn't buy the URL mentioned at the end of the video Someone else did. And then there's Lizz Winstead's A Shitstorm of Intolerance: And of course, this, from Colbert Nation:
The Colbert ReportMon - Thurs 11:30pm / 10:30c
The Colbert Coalition's Anti-Gay Marriage Ad
Colbert Report Full EpisodesPolitical HumorGay Marriage Commercial
Read More | Comment »

12:26AM Fri. Apr. 24, 2009, Andy Campbell

This McCain's Not a Pain

Perhaps she's just not much of a daddy's girl.

While dad can't really raise his arms, Meghan McCain is raising some hell, on a mission to educate the GOP on why they should drop their hate for the G-A-Y. At first, I was skeptical. After all, Republicans don't necessarily listen to their daughters much, (Ahem, Cheney's lezzie daughter, ahem?) but squeaky wheels get … um … oiled?

I hate that I like her, but dammit, I can't help it. Listen to what she has to say, from her Beast memo to the GOP:

"If the Republican Party has any hope of gaining substantial support from a wider, younger base, we need to get past our anti-gay rhetoric."
"But it isn't just the GOP’s opposition to gay marriage that makes the party seem unwelcoming toward gay voters. It’s the anti-gay rhetoric they use to whip up the base. Recently, a conservative congressman was quoted saying, “If we don't save marriage, we can't remain pro-life." That's absurd."

Finally a Republican who makes a little sense. And she's not that bad to look at, either. Read More | Comment »

11:35PM Tue. Apr. 14, 2009, Kate Getty

Monae Makes the World Go 'Round

We spoke with Atlanta artist (and really, that should have a CAPITAL "A" on it) Janelle Monae. We apologize for how loud the background noise gets, with sirens adding a soundtrack to her explanation of the runaway androids that populate her musical Metropolis. Plus, she is very soft-spoken, but please have a listen. The sound improves about halfway through, as Ms. Monae explains why she felt it important to support Black Pride in Atlanta this past September by paying them a surprise visit. (And if you live in the South, you know how cool this is.) Click below for video. Read More | Comment »

2:22PM Sat. Mar. 21, 2009, Kate X Messer

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