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Where the Girls Go/ATX: Second Wind Edition

The best of the best queer events ’round town this weekend

By Sarah Marloff, 4:00PM, Fri. Jun. 20

For those of us who danced long and hard last night, only to be bright-eyed and bushy-tailed a bit too early this morning, today may require a second wind. Hey, finding cute queers and meeting cool new friends often necessitates rallying – even if it means another cup of coffee… or two. So let’s get this weekend restarted, cuz it’s a doozy.

Friday: There are a few options for tonight, but my suggestion – watch the movie. Austin's very own PJ Raval is celebrating the theatrical release of his documentary, Before You Know It, tonight. Ben Steinbauer hosts, and there will a Q&A with Raval & co-producer Annie Bush after the screening.

Suggestion: Go. The movie follows three queer seniors. How often do we take the time to learn from the people who made our lives possible?

Saturday: Remember that day in March when Austin's entire queer community gathered for GayBiGayGay … and then froze? Well, good news, they're throwing a fundraiser tonight (mid-June in Texas), and no one's at risk of freezing. Think Broadway singalongs, Golden Girls, photobooths, and – my favorite – dancing.

Suggestion: If you drop a few bucks, and I drop a few bucks, and we get all our friends to do the same, we'll help make sure GayBiGayGay is here again next year.

Sunday: Again with the too many things. Start with Beach Blanket Bingo, hosted by Tank & Kitty, at Cheer Ups. Stay for a karaoke, I double dare ya. Then head to the French Legation Museum for the first installment of this year's Cinema East Screening. The film? I Believe in Unicorns. And I do, clearly. There shall be queers all over this place.

Suggestion: Sleep in late, so you can marathon ’til the end.

Now grab that coffee, and get to it. We'll be back next week, same time, same place.

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