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The AggreGAYtor: June 3

By David Estlund, June 3, 2014, 10:00am, The Gay Place

Mich gets hitched, Oregon tells NOM to stuff it, and Big Earl's cries "Daddy!" as your AggreGAYtor attends a consciousness raising group.

The Good

Michiganders (like this couple of 53 years) are now officially getting married.

The Oregon attorney general has spoken out against outside groups opposing marriage in the Beaver State.

Obama honors the Stonewall riots with a Pride Month proclamation.

Christie’s is auctioning homoerotic art by Andy Warhol to honor Pride Month.

Here’s that piece on “queer” and “tranny” that your AggreGAYtor was too lazy busy to write.

That homophobic East Texas restaurant has received the “santorumtreatment via Yelp.

The Bad

Gay Pride demonstrators are being predictably treated badly in Russia.

The Fugly

A Dallas Boy Scout troop gets the boot, because teh gay.

Somehow marriage equality will lead to the death of the Bill of Rights.

Bryan Fischer opened his mouth and said things.

It Came from the Tubes

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