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The AggreGAYtor: April 16

What happened today in gay? Here's your daily recap of queer news.

By David Estlund, 10:00AM, Wed. Apr. 16

There ain't nothing like this dame.
There ain't nothing like this dame.

StarGayzer kicks off, India pushes for trans equality, and Porno Pete gets a moment of reflection, as your AggreGAYtor savors a meat pie and ponders the price of meat, what it is, when you get it.

The Good

Austin’s got a new music festival, and (this time) it’s a good thing.

India might not have a good track record on homosexuality, but their transgender community is one of the world’s oldest transgender traditions, and now the nation’s top court has done them a solid.

Angela Lansbury is now a Dame (but we knew that).

The Bad

Can’t afford San Francisco? Neither can GaymerX.

Yes, Turkey’s LGBTQ prison plan is a bad idea.

The Fugly

Yes, the “she-mail” joke was a tired retread from the 90s, but calling RuPaul transphobic might be a mistake.

“Porno Pete” Labarbera has been arrested for being an obnoxious boor.

It Came from the Tubes

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