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Mo' Music: April 10

Fresh tunes for the Bill-bored

By Rob Cohen, 2:30PM, Thu. Apr. 10, 2014

Protomartyr's Under Color of Official Right
Protomartyr's Under Color of Official Right

April's crazy random showers bring new music. Let's see what's got us all wet this week.

"Back Seat Ho" Machinedrum
Finally. Someone took it upon themself to write me a theme song. Celebrate being a ho with this sprightly party starter.

"Flaws" Fujiya and Miyagi
Kraftwerk meets Can on these roborockers' new song.

"Coming Down" Clap Your Hands Say Yeah ft. Matt Berringer
These frayed rockers career has been pretty scatterbrained since their brilliant self-titled debut. Too many elements bog down this heavy, mixed up mess of a track.

"Scum, Rise" Protomartyr
Just when you thought it was time to start making "Post-Punk Is Dead" shirts, this snappy tuneful band comes along.

"Chi-Raq" Nicki Minaj
Minaj gets menacing over sinister pianos and a basic beat on this new track. I never understood what's got the gays and gals so up on her jock. I prefer Azealia Banks and the original Lil Kim.

"Trouble's Lament" Tori Amos
Southern Gothic lyrics and atmosphere with a touch of flamenco meet on Amos' new single. Fans will not be disappointed.

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