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Where the Girls Go/ATX: Heat Wave

It's Friday! And have no fear, Where The Girls Go is here

By Sarah Marloff, 11:45AM, Fri. Mar. 28

It’s that time of the week again that makes getting out of bed every Friday morning worth it. And if you’re not as excited for it as I am, then these three suggestions should get you there. Well, that and the forecasted 80+ degree weather. It’s a homo heat wave – or maybe it’s just Texas, and summer’s starting nowish.

Photo courtesy of The Dramazons

FRIDAY: Two words: Butch County. How could you not want to check out a band with that name? And, like Dan Savage always says, it gets better. Hot as Shits opens, and the Swingles headline. Follow that up with two hours of booty-shakin' with DJ Foiiine from DJs Fine & Dandy (with Kate & Andy ), and you’ve got yourself a gay ol’time.

Suggestion: It’s free, it’s queer, and it’s at Cheer Up’s. My suggestion is to go. And I’m not just saying that because Kate’s my editor.

Photo courtesy of Cheer Up Charlie's

SATURDAY: Make it to the theatre for Add Women and Stir presented by the Dramazons. Why? Honestly, the full name: the, ahem, C-U-Next-Tuesday Chronicles, was good enough for me. But anything described as a satirical “V-Monologues on 'roids” should not only bring out the ladies but also get them laughing.

Suggestion: These Dramazons are putting on a triple-header. So you can juggle it into your busy schedule – or go twice.

SUNDAY: Learn the ropes – literally. Q Toys hosts a rope suspension with rope-making master, Giotto. Sit back in awe with a complimentary cocktail, or take some notes because the toy store promises this will be "part performance, part educational, all gorgeously sexy."

Suggestions: Stretch first.

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