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The AggreGAYtor: February 19

What happened today in gay? Here’s your QILTBAG recap of queer news.

By David Estlund, 1:35PM, Wed. Feb. 19, 2014

The AggreGAYtor: February 19
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Ted Cruz sees your rights as hostility, the supremes prepare for another round, and the Pope sets expectations high, as your AggreGAYtor brushes its toof.

The Good

With all these state ban suits, marriage rights are about to be before the supremes (again).

The RCC may soon have a Vatican III.

Yes, Ellen Page is awesome, and so is Anne Rice. And so is Charles Barkley.

Gay rights are not always the same as trans rights, but they rhyme.

Indiana’s marriage ban has two years of breathing room before constituents place their votes.

The Bad

We still aren’t past the point where we’re afraid of eugenics for gay people. (Would a conservative homophobe abort a gay fetus, or just torture it after birth?)

Patrick Stewart was almost one of ours. Almost.

The body of a missing FSU student has been discovered.

The Fugly

Ted Cruz believes there will be no butter in Hell.

“It's discrimination against married couples, having something like [a rainbow flag on public display].”

It Came from the Tubes

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