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The Best Kind of Mob

Flash mob proposal at the airport delivers Valentine's romance

By Claire Gordon, 2:22PM, Fri. Feb. 14

The Best Kind of Mob
photo by Claire Gordon

Those $10 roses you bought for your sweetheart at the last minute have just been put to shame. At noon today, Jackie Garrett proposed to Kim Devitt with the help of a flash mob. Both members of the Austin Police Department, they have been partners for 13 years.

Professional dancers started the event, with a very surprised Devitt trying to walk away and being pulled back onto center stage by Garrett. Their friends and family began joining the dance, a group of them making a marvelous entrance down the escalator.

As the song came to a crescendo, the mob encircled the couple and Garrett proposed. Crying and beaming, Devitt said yes. As the pair kissed, cheers and applause erupted from the crowd that had gathered throughout the performance.

Garrett planned the event with the help of Annie Morgan, owner of Starbella Dance Company. They also brought in dancers from Innovation Performance Company, friends, family, and coworkers from APD to assist with the proposal.

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