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Mo' Music: January 27

By Rob Cohen, January 27, 2014, 1:00pm, The Gay Place

Let's get on with this new year of new audio adventures in queer-Fi. Tally ho.

"Stupid in the Dark" Xiu Xiu
Jamie Stewart adds both a pinch of Suicide and 80's synth-pop to his choatic noise rock in this awesome ode to "what the hell happened last night?" Wait until you hear the rest of the album. It is awesome. More Xiu Xiu action coming soon.

"Digital Witness" St. Vincent
Annie Clark mines the warped ska she created with David Byrne for this noodly second single off her upcoming self-titled new album.

"Mess on a Mission" Liars
Avant rock whatever band Liars delves further into electronics on this fun mix of bleeps and bloops.

"Blue Moon" Beck
Beck's audio comeback is pretty but vacant adult contemporary with a sweet coda to top it off. No alarms, but no surprises either.

"Everyday Robots" Damon Albarn
Forlorn former Blur front man's return is a forgettable yet amiable ballad that creaks and weeps like a haunted house.

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