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Top 5 Pride 2013 Moments

This ally's first Pride was a bumpy ride. Literally.

By Nina Hernandez, 9:30AM, Wed. Jan. 8

A few Chronicle interns decided to roll with the Gay Place krewe as allies at this year's Pride Parade. Here are my favorite moments from Austin Pride 2013.

The Gay Place Krewe rolls in the Austin Pride Parade each year
photo by Jana Birchum

1) GAY PLACE MOONPIES are not free. Only those with the boldest buttocks went away with a prize. “Twerk! Twerk for Moonpies!” And on that most magical of nights, you twerked.

It's-a ME! Marrrrio!
photo by Liz Williams

2) SHAVE THAT SELFIE One of my favorite moments was taking fake mustache selfies with my friend Liz, who taught me how to be an AC intern. I looked like Mario's daughter, but wore it the entire evening.

Oh, everything's fine and dandy… UNTIL SOMEONE LOSES AN EYE.
photo by Jana Birchum

3) HOLD ON TIGHT I want to apologize for almost killing everyone in the Gay Place krewe by braking too abruptly on the parade route. It should have been a gif, though. Why did they let me drive, again?

Have you ever heard of the Boobahs?
photo by Andy Campbell

4) ROB COHEN almost suffocated under all his beads. Come to think of it, has anyone seen Rob since Pride?

What the Austin Pride Parade is all about
photo by Jana Birchum

5) MY MOM dressed up like in a leopard print dress and a curly blonde wig, à la Dog the Bounty Hunter’s wife, and drove her convertible Mustang down the parade route, running into a handful of her friends along the way.

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