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The AggreGAYtor: November 15

What happened today in gay? Here’s your QILTBAG recap of queer news.

10:30AM, Fri. Nov. 15, 2013

Pulsating beats and hot men moaning? Yes, please.
Pulsating beats and hot men moaning? Yes, please.
Image via queerty.com

The Russians start a lavender scare, Harris County jails are suddenly much more inviting (maybe not), and Republicans hate rainbows more than people of color, as your AggreGAYtor runs out of the straight hotel screaming like a proper queen.

The Good

Harris County has adopted sweeping new trans-inclusive protections for its jail inmates.

A straight Austin woman walks into a gay NYC hotel… Hilarity ensues.

Equality is probably more radical than this author thinks, but still, go queer warriors! Also, go Jared Leto, trans ally!

Bisexuals are queer too; sometimes more so.

Spending on LGBT tourism is poised to break $200 billion. Who’s sponsoring this blogger’s trip to Gay Days at Disney?

Psst, immigration reform is good for everyone, including LGBTQ folk.

The Bad

In the U.S., LGBTQ latinos face double-discrimination on many issues from employment to healthcare.

It appears that Russia is going full McCarthy on the “homosexualist invasion.”

The Fugly

Surprise! Republicans like white supremacy more than LGBT equality.

A Denver bear bar has allegedly banned trans patrons, and these protestors aren’t having it. (Anti-trans discrimination is everywhere, by the way).

It Came from the Tubes

Somebody keep an eye on this kid. She’s got some talent and might be going somewhere:

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