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Mo' Music: November 5

I'm going back to Cali, and this is my soundtrack

By Rob Cohen, 11:00AM, Tue. Nov. 5, 2013

Mo' Music: November 5

I'm headed to San Francisco this week, so let's keep it simple with four lesser-known songs that celebrate our li'l buddy, California.

"California Stars" Wilco and Billy Bragg
Jeff Tweedy and Billy Bragg took the previously unheard lyrics of Woody Guthrie and turned them into beautiful alt.country songs. My favorite is this wistful, homesick song that nearly brings me to tears.

"California" Rufus Wainwright
When it comes to this crooner, I prefer his early work, including this light, infectious ditty. Extra points for the first Bea Arthur shout-out I've ever heard in music.

"California (All the Way)" Luna
Little-known but beloved Nineties band Luna shine on this simple, twee treat. The song goes from good to great with the lyric, "If you're going to read your poetry aloud to me, I'll have to show you to the door." Do yourself a favor and check out Luna's extensive catalog for more dreamy guitar pop. If you're a fan of Jem & the Holograms, you may be surprised to learn that the woman behind her voice is Luna's Britta Phillips.

"Come Back From San Francisco" The Magnetic Fields
Do I have to?!

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