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Mo' Music: Oct 15

The Mo' is back to catch you up on the best queer beats

By Rob Cohen, 11:20AM, Tue. Oct. 15, 2013

Britney, beeeeyotch
Britney, beeeeyotch

It seems like all the most popular artists among the gays have all decided to come back at the same time (happy LGBT History Month?). It's hard to wade through all the boobs, makeup, and autotune to find the diamonds in the dungeon. Let's dive right in.

"Aura" Lady Gaga

Gags finally catches up to the rest of electronic music on this second taste from ARTPOP. The winding, dirty bass makes this her most sonically interesting track. The lyrics are the same old sex and glam, and her insistence on vocalizing some variation of "ahhh" on every song gets tired fast. It's especially vapid that the basic point of the song is: If you want to see past her facade all you have to do is get her naked.

"We Can't Stop" Miley Cyrus

The song is catchy, but I fail to see what all the commotion is. Take her vocals away, and you have the same completely bland, overproduced track you can buy from ARK Music Factory. If her papa wasn't Billy Ray would she own the night, or would she be doing what was within her means with her McDonalds paycheck?

"Work Bitch" Britney Spears

The Gossip said it better with their infectiously fun "Get a Job". Britney is back with a great new single about how nothing in life is free. Of all the pop tartlets making their simultaneous returns, Britney's new track is the most modern. Grinding dubstep influenced beats meet some of her most playful vocals to date for an infectious treat of a comeback single.

"Man" Neko Case

Majestic belter Neko Case is back with a vengeance. Her new album is force of nature, though a tad wordy. This rapturous, feminist anthem about growing up tough and calling dudes on their bullshit has Case rocking harder than ever. When she sings, "You didn't know what a man was until I showed you," it's a fuck-yeah moment than sends a shiver down my male spine.

"Weed Instead of Roses" Ashley Monroe

I'm not big on modern country music but this song is catchy and a refreshingly honest ode to the ganja. I don't know why she's turning down the chocolates though. I guess she doesn't get the munchies.

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