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Good Night, Sweet Prince

Rest in peace, dear Seabrook Jones.

By Kate X Messer, 6:15PM, Wed. Apr. 24, 2013

courtesy of Michael Phillipson

Beloved "After a Fashion" photographer Seabrook Jones passed away in the very early hours of Wednesday, April 24.

The column, penned by Chronicle Style Avatar Stephen MacMillan Moser will never be the same. Here is a page ripped from November, detailing Stephen's adoration for Seabrook, with an announcement for a then-upcoming benefit.

On a personal note, Seabrook was a gem, a joy, a wildman, a reveler, a pleasure-seeker, an aesthete, a keen cino eye (aka a damn fine fella behind the lens), a guy who took one of my favoritest of favorite pictures, ever, an inappropriate and naughty dandy, yet somehow, the consummate gentleman. I was his editor. He was my brother. What a sweet, sweet dude. He is leaving a wide, open space. Whooop. There it is (in my heart). I love him very very much and do wish for the unicorns to care for every last pursuit of his happiness from here on out.

Please join us in sending heartfelt condolences to his family, his partner Francis Preve, and his extended family of friends. Please keep an eye on the Gay Place blog and next week's After a Fashion, as we will feature some of Seabrook's work through the years.

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