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GayBiGayGay Line-Up Announced!

Here's what we know about the line-up at the annual free post-SX gay fest

By Kate X Messer, 12:00PM, Wed. Mar. 6, 2013

Paradise… sweet, queer paradise
Paradise… sweet, queer paradise
photo by John Leach

Have you laundered your perfect picnic blanket? Amassed your crew? Picked out a cute outfit? Because, really that's all you are going to need since GayBiGayGay's got everything else under control.

Lezdeez and gentlequeers, we present to you, courtesy of Silky and Hazey, the line-up for GayBiGayGay 2013.

(Not in actual order; they like to keep you guessing!)

Light Asylum
Avan Lava
Double Duchess
Bonaparte (from Berlin)
The Dead Ships
Spires That in the Sunset Rise
Lonesome Leash
Bitterheart Society
Lord Douglas Phillips reunion show featuring Two Nice Girls and Girls in the Nose, and more!
Yo Majesty
Abdu Ali
Fantasy featuring Khattie q
Jimmy Jean Fontenot

PLUS: Some unannounced surprise guests! Stay tuned.

...also featuring performances by the Psychopomp, Poo Poo Platter, Workout with Erica Nix, and Aron Taylor photobooth, live art installations by Rachael Shannon and Jason Rosen.

Plus: The "Burger She Wrote" Grill, beer, wine, and BYOB, too. Facepainting! Tabling by local community orgs and non-profits Free HIV testing ... and magick. :)

(check back later for links and pics and more!)

GayBiGayGay happens Sunday, March 17, noon-midnight at 3506 Rogge Lane, Austin, Texas. Booyah.

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