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The AggreGAYtor: November 14

Your daily dose of LGBTQIA news

By Brandon Watson, 3:00PM, Wed. Nov. 14, 2012

Frank and the Kaiser: Next Spring on ABC
Frank and the Kaiser: Next Spring on ABC
photo by @francistenenbaum's Instagram via MTV.com

Pat Robertson says “hubba hubba,” Frank Ocean hangs with the Kaiser, and Rahm Emanuel goes on the offensive. Butterfly in the sky, today’s AggreGAYtor can go twice as high.

• The Supreme Court is now fully engaged in the “Ross and Rachel” approach in deciding whether they will hear marriage equality cases. Is there a SCOTUS sweeps week? Maybe Nancy McKeon can guest as Scalia’s streetwise daughter.

• With Kevin Clash’s accuser recanting, we can now begin the long, painful process of rebuilding our faith in muppets.

• Deflated inner tube Pat Robertson sanctions David Petraeus affair because Paula Broadwell “is an extremely good looking woman.” We are lucky to have such a steadfast bulwark to our nation’s moral relativism.

• Nebraska city council overrides mayor to approve non-discrimination ordinance. Nana nana boo boo.

Rahm Emanuel is ready for the marriage equality fight in Illinois.

• Missourians for Equality PAC is formed to bring same-sex marriage initiative to ballots by 2014.

• The ACLU is suing Utah school district for removing children’s book “In Our Mothers’ House” from libraries. People are so hung up on apostrophes these days.

• Toronto transgender high school student claims he was barred from using school’s public restrooms.

• The UK government officially decrees conversion therapy detrimental. Marcus Bachmann , reached at the Stillwater Community Player’s rehearsal of All About Eve: The Musical! responds that “everything but the bloodhounds is snappin' at my rear end.”

• An arrest warrant has been issued for the grizzly murder of New Orleans gay man.

• Frosted Fox animal cracker Tricia Macke is suspended for calling Rachel Maddow an “angry young man.”

Frank Ocean and Karl Lagerfeld are besties.

• Phoenix police are calling assault on local DJ a hate crime.

Andy Cohen wants everyone to know he is sorry for calling One Direction “twinks,” but still refuses to repent for introducing us to his legion of “Real Housewives.”

• I am not sure if it is sadder that a HuffPo staffer was forced to write a post about Sally Field awkwardly making a “bi” joke or that at least nine people felt compelled to comment.

• Exit polls show that marriage equality has majority support with Latino voters.

• Something is a little off about the Daily Mail’s now-viral story of a relationship between two transgender teens. Maybe it is because the Daily Mail has a long history of publishing fiction as fact. Maybe it’s because both Oklahomans are quoted as calling their mother’s “mum.”

• Events are planned across Texas for the Transgender Day of Remembrance on the 20th, including an Austin City Hall event sponsored by TENT.

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