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The AggreGAYtor: October 30

Your daily dose of LGBTQIA news

By Brandon Watson, 1:15PM, Tue. Oct. 30, 2012

Why are there no positive depictions of gay zombies on television?
Why are there no positive depictions of gay zombies on television?
Screen shot from The Walking Dead

Mitt Romney is caught on the record, Taylor Swift parties with porn stars, and Roseanne Barr defends herself. Today’s AggreGAYtor thinks we’ll start with a reign of terror.

Faking hate crimes is all the rage.

• Homophobic minister John McTernan says Hurricane Sandy is God’s way of saying “tell me about it, stud.”

• Castro queer history museum is vandalized. The AggreGAYtor again recognizes the calling card of feral pygmy shrew Bristol Palin.

• The San Francisco Board of Supervisors mull over resolution to encourage LBGTQIA athletes to come out, which the decidedly unsporty spice AggreGAYtor is really only mentioning so he can link to another photo of Megan Rapinoe.

• Also in sports, the Boston Celtics coach Doc Rivers says he and his team would welcome a gay player.

• In Maine, a group of waifs controlled by parasitic lobsters rally for “traditional” marriage. One man. One woman. Two lobsters.

Anderson Live, the two-year experiment to repair the space-time rift caused by Oprah’s abandonment of daytime, finds it hard to say goodbye to yesterday.

• The race for marriage equality is neck and neck in Minnesota.

• Bitter aspartame tablet and former Hawaii Governor Linda Lingle thinks it was perfectly “respectful” to trick marriage equality supporters into being present when she vetoed civil union bill. To be fair, she also thinks bleach bombing is respectful. Probably has something to do with macadamias (see also Barr, Roseanne.)

• In the wake of the decision to trademark Frank Kameny’s “Gay is Good” proclamation, the AggreGAYtor invites readers to submit new slogans. Then we can totally sue people for infringing on our intellectual property. Snapz!

• Catholic website worries that gays may be too entertaining.

• Picture it. Sicily. 2013.

• Think tank reminds LGBTQIA Americans that changing attitudes on marriage equality owe much to Blanche Devereaux.

• AMC series The Walking Dead nixes gay subplot from graphic novel.

• Serial monogamist Taylor Swift invites gay porn star Mike de Marco to her breakup party.

• The Romney camp denies that sexuality played into decision to kick two gay men out of rally.

• New video surfaces of Mitt Romney being a judgey judgerson.

Roseanne Barr responds to the critics of her recent transphobic comments, calling out misogynistic tweets. Blogger leftytgirl counters that transwomen were the first to decry misogyny from “allies.”

• The victims of recent Texas panhandle hate crime move to Amarillo with the help of supporters.

• Texas trans woman sues refinery for discrimination and wrongful termination. Be warned that the linked story is severely misgendered.

• NOM uses a dead-eyed Forth Worth teen who was suspended for homophobic comments as new spokesmodel.

Austin Daily Herald’s blustery opinionist Wallace Alcorn is concerned that people in the arts are being pressured into homosexuality.

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