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Mo' Music Aug 20

One last shot of summer ear candy

By Rob Cohen, 8:45AM, Wed. Aug. 22, 2012

Mo' Music Aug 20

Here's a sticky quickie of some sugary summer jamz.

"Slow Down" Poolside
I'm one of those who got tired of chillwave real quick, so I didn't want to give this group much of a shot. This over-hyped single turns out to be a decent glazy summer confection. Download via Soundcloud.

"Funny Heartbeat" Kisses
Try not to swoon when lovey-dovey L.A. duo Kisses plant a big dayglo smooch on your cheek. Download via Soundcloud.

"The Trouble With Candyhands" Deerhoof
Unpredictable as always, Deerhoof return with a "Cuban-flavored" party mix full of jagged-angled confetti, pop rocks, and soda shaken violently.

Let's not forget the best summer song ever:

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