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The AggreGAYtor: July 27

Your daily dose of LGBTQ news

By Brandon Watson, 11:46AM, Fri. Jul. 27, 2012

Johnnye's Gay-fil-A benefits GLAAD
Johnnye's Gay-fil-A benefits GLAAD

Target breaks out the confetti, the New York Times discovers drag balls, and Austin foodies stir the pot. Today's AggreGAYtor is more than meets the eye.

• CNN Decepticon Dana Loesch screams at Christian caller for supporting same-sex marriage and boycotting Chick-fil-A.

• Today in "awww." Queens 5th grader gives pro-gay marriage speech to New York City Council.

• More warm fuzzies: Target debuts same-sex wedding registry ad.

• Now you wanna talk about reading? Let's talk about reading. The New York Times' latest trend piece is stunned about the durability of Ball Culture.

• The Gay Place's Biff Tannin Award goes to Hope Christian Preschool in Albuquerque for barring a three year-old with two dads from attending their school.

• Runner-up Camp Winton in Sacramento fires an Eagle Scout for being "too gay."

• Florida frenemy Jennifer Carroll apologizes for recent anti-lesbian comments.

• Kudos to the El Paso ISD for adopting an anti-bullying policy that expressly mentions gender identity.

• Activists in the Great Lake State start 100 day hunger strike to protest homophobia in Michigan.

• BONUS BITE: Still lured by the trans-fat siren call of Chick-fil-A? Two Austinites have you covered. Hilah Johnson hacks the (in)famous chicken sandwich in a new video, while Johnnye's East Texas Soul, the new food trailer in the Beauty Ballroom parking lot on Riverside serves up the Gay-fil-A. Gay Placers Kate & Andy give it two enthusiastic clucks UP!

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