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Come On and Take a Queer Ride

Saddle up for summer cruising: costumes encouraged

By Liz Williams, 12:20PM, Tue. Jul. 17, 2012

"B@Boy" Brett and JohnMark
courtesy of Team ProHomo

Everyone should have their very own bike mob that terrorizes the streets with fabulous attitude. It’s about camaraderie and frivolity, the capes and the bike shorts. Or maybe it’s the afterparties. Whatever your motivation, this is your chance. Come out, get sweaty, and ride hard.

Let me say it again:

BIKE MOB. COSTUMES. My inner eight-year-old is squealing, and even though my old college bike has been, uh, sitting there, I’ve been inspired to break it out. “It’s never too hard for a beginner biker to come along, our rides are usually around 10-12 miles with slightly challenging hills,” says Zachary Settle of Team ProHomo, the group that hosts Austin's weekly Queer Rides.

Lovely boys lead the pack and bring up the rear (as it were), so you won’t get lost or left behind – unlike the bar scene. And once you’re in, you’re part of the team – Team ProHomo. “You don’t have to register for anything, just show up and play,” says JohnMark Robbins, founder of Team ProHomo.

That’s the key word: play. There’s something warm and fuzzy about having a neighborhood bike mob that isn’t born out of transportation necessity or competition, but instead out of pure fun. “We’ve definitely turned heads,” says JohnMark. Though not all rides are themed, superheroes and “fierce drag” have headlined the last few Queer Rides. After parties have ranged from swims to bingo.

The ride starts at the Texas State Capitol’s south lawn, leaving promptly at 7:30pm. So break out the glitter and get on that Bianchi or that beater – no judgments.

Check the Team ProHomo Facebook page for weekly updates on themes or suggested attire.

Contact JohnMark or Zachary through the FB page with any question or if you wish to borrow a bike!

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