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Music Mo'nday July 9

A random quickie is fun sometimes

By Rob Cohen, 10:46AM, Mon. Jul. 9, 2012

Music Mo'nday July 9

Never let me plug in my iPod into any of your audio devices. I will set it on random and flip through it forever just to hear the same five songs. In that spirit, I hit random and wrote about the first five songs that came up on mine.

"Aquarium" Casino Versus Japan

I really like that feeling after a day at the beach of the waves pushing me around in bed. That's where my mind went with this modern update of Brian Eno's "Deep Blue Day." That and something about that Trainspotting dude swimming down to shoot up with Spongebob. I've linked you to his MySpace just to screw with you.

"Rose Hip November" Vashti Bunyan

I'm so glad I get to write about this song. Thank you, shuffle. I just recently discovered her simple, elegantly sad songs and hauntingly angelic voice and have been nearly brought to tears with some listens. How she didn't blow up back in the Sixties is almost as mystical as her music.

"Strange News From Another Star" Blur

Bowie balladry instantly comes to mind during this lovely, dreary little track that may have stood out back in 1997 but in retrospect is Blur by the numbers.

"Ragysh" Todd Terje

All of Terje's work is cheese, bubbles, and gold lamet fun ad infinitum. I appreciate the krautrock-style repetition as well. I'll never admit to finding this song on Pitchfork.

"The First Time I Ran Away" M. Ward

His softly glowing folk rock is always immaculately arranged, but this song floats by like dandelion fuzz in the sun without a truly memorable image. Still, it is nice to float aimlessly every now and then.

Local Top Faggy Fives

DJ Kelly's Felchy Top 5 from FELCH at Chain Drive

"SEX (I'm a...) Berlin 2011 Remix" Salonika Brothers
"(LoveGame Remix)" Lady Gaga ft. Marilyn Manson
"Dirty Sex"� DVJ Bazuka
"Seven Nation Army (Glitch Mob Remix)" White Stripes
"Bad Touch (Thomas Hart Remix)" Bloodhound Gang

DJ Fine or Dandy's Top Chronic 5 from The Austin Chronicle's Summer Party (which I missed)

"Wade in the Water" Bad Mama Thornton
"Shake It to the Krupa (custom K8X scratch mix)" feat. DJ Blaqstarr & Rye Rye and Apollo 440
"Come on Now" The Kinks
"Deceptacon (remix)" Le Tigre
"Shout (Jakatta Thrilled Out mix)" Tears for Fears

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