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Music Mo'nday: April 23

A glance at some artists deep in the hearts of homos

By Rob Cohen, 12:10PM, Mon. Apr. 23, 2012

Music is like a box of chocolates. You never know what you're going to get, and the nuttier the better. This week, we get a first taste of a number of upcoming albums, as well as special playlists from the East Side Homo Hop and more.

"One Against the Rush" Liars
Avant punky brewsters return with a gauzy, sickly New Order-esque new single.

"Lazuli" Beach House
This dream-pop duo just gets bigger, bolder, and better with each album. Buzz words aplenty.

"Every Single Night" Fiona Apple
Everyone's favorite over-sharer is back sounding old and raw with this hook-less first single off her upcoming album. Initial listens underwhelm.

"Ekki Mukk" Sigur Rós
Jónsi and his pixie brethren won't tell you where the pot of gold is, but they'll glamor you into a state of either sleep or joy. Triforce not required.

"Night and Day" Hot Chip
These electroweirdos are Urkel by day, Stefan by night, but always funky fresh. Top that.

Local Top Faggy Fives

DJ CBass's East Side Homo Hop Dance Party Top 5

"Inspector Norse" Todd Terje
"Loving Is Really My Game" Brainstorm
"Off My Mind" Moon Boots
"Never Give You Up" Sharon Redd
"Slob on My Knob" Three 6 Mafia

Mouthfeel's East Side Homo Hop Dance Party Top 5

"Stars" Sylvester
"I'm a Man" Chicago
"Cream Always Rises to the Top" Bionic Boogie
"The Little You Say" The Revolution of St. Vincent
"It Keeps You Running" The Doobie Brothers

DJ Divorcée of Mouthfeel East Side Homo Hop Dance Party Top 5

"Simple (Fare Soldi "Little Pizz" Remix)" Stereocool Feat. Ace
"Sunday Drive (Gigamesh Remix)" Ladyhawke
"Primadonna (RivaStarr's Got Big Ego Dub Remix)" Marina & The Diamonds
"Tapes and Money (MJ Cole Remix)" T.E.E.D.
"Sprawl II (Soulwax Remix)" Arcade Fire

DJ Platinum Black's Bernadette's First Birthday/Last-Minute Dance Party Top 5

"Dance (A$$) [Remix]" Big Sean Feat. Nicki Minaj
"Motivation" Kelly Rowland Feat. Lil' Wayne
"Touch It" Monifah
"Azz Everywhere" Big Freedia
"No Panties" Trina Feat. Tweet

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