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Eastbound & Down: Austin Invades NOLA

Local artists head to NOLA for Mardi Gras

By Kate X Messer, 1:42PM, Mon. Feb. 13, 2012

Angeliska with mushroom Colin McIntyre
Angeliska with mushroom Colin McIntyre
photo courtesy: angeliska.com

Here's a heaping helpin' from some Carnival vets (in their own words) to get you in the mood, whether you are celebrating here or somewhere east. Minor Mishap Marching Band, beary/cubby DJ Collin Bass, and party goddess and blogger extraordinaire Angeliska Polacheck are among the many Austinites headed that way.

★★★ DATRI BEAN ★★★ & Minor Mishap Marching Band
Minor Mishap Marching Band's New Orleans Schedule
Both of our club shows are with other big brass bands and should be pretty off the hook. These are the two best times to see us in New Orleans this year.

Friday, Feb. 17, 10pm
HiHo Lounge
Minor Mishap Marching Band with Detroit Party Marching Band, The Forthrights, The OMG's, and DJ sets by BeeKnees, Grace of Spades, and Karo.

Saturday, Feb. 18, 10pm-4am (Minor Mishap plays at 2am)
Allways Lounge
Minor Mishap Marching Band with Panorama Jazz Band, Veveritse, and Why Are We Building Such a Big Ship?

Minor Mishap also will be doing a fair amount of unofficial second-lining around the town. Most of those appearances are unscheduled (partly because we don't know the schedules of all the local bands and second lines).

Here's the one pre-announced parade:
Minor Mishap Lundi Gras Homemade Parade: Lundi Gras, Monday, Feb 20, meet at 1:30 at Flora Coffee Shop, 2600 Royal Street, New Orleans

Mardi Gras is my favorite day of the year, because it's every holiday ever rolled into one: it's Halloween and St. Patrick's Day and Easter and Valentine's and Christmas and New Year's and the 4th of July and your birthday, all at the same time. Above all, it's a Bacchanalia, and we humans need that - one day out of the year to run wild, to masque, to frolic in the streets. If I could only celebrate one holiday all year, I would choose Mardi Gras, hands down. I would forsake even my birthday for it, and that's saying something.

My photographs from Mardi Gras in New Orleans - nearly every year since 2004.
MARDI GRAS MAGIC - A collection on Flickr
Mardi Gras Madness
Mardi Gras, My Love
Parades II.
Lundi Gras Valentine
Seawitches, Stormsirens, and Horned Beasts
Here and not There

Lundi Gras (A pictorial essay on the nature of debauchery)
Laissez les bon temps rouler, et laissez les espèces des cons tailler mon pipe!
Dies Cinerum – Day of Ashes

Krewe of Eris – Lux et Voluptas
Krewe of Eris 2009 - The Feast of the Appetites!
Krewe of Eris 2008 – Release The Swarm

★★★ DJ COLLIN BASS ★★★, Bearadise
I DJ funky tunes here in Austin (almost) every Sunday evening, 4-9:30pm, with the fuzzy furry ones at the Iron Bear beer bust.
Here's a great Mardi Gras playlist!

★★★ DJ RUSTY LAZER ★★★, Austin ex-Pat and Big Freedia bounce DJ
Mardi Gras is ONNNNN! Here's all my shows. I haven't listed all the special guests but you can assume a few will roll in and out from time to time! Can't wait to see all y'all lookin' goooooood!

Here's the list of Rusty's slew of Mardi Gras shows.

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