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Kathy Griffin Rocks My Socks

D-Lister Griffin loves up on the Long Center.

By Ash Bell, 12:34PM, Fri. Jul. 10, 2009

Kathy Griffin Rocks My Socks

It all started when the lights when down in the beautiful, Long Center. All the gay men put down their cardboard cut outs of Kathy's crazy face with a crown on her head and piped down. It was quite the faggy/haggy evening. Although, surprisingly, there were more galadies there than I could count on two hands.

Michael, Michael, Michael, "Is it too soon?" She asked, and the crowd roared. No, it is never too soon for Kathy. I could have had a little less Michael coverage, there, here, everywhere. After 30 minutes of King of Popping, she made the rounds:

Shout outs to the gays… Poking fun at the "four straight guys" in attendance and informing their dates that they were now required to give them… well, you know… Paris Hilton… Sarah Palin… Real Housewives of somewhere… .

It was pretty great, and despite a few cringe worthy moments for which I am just too squeamish or PC or knowledgeable or something (seriously Kathy, calling someone a "half ‘tard"??? I don't get the funny…) it was over all a great way to cap off my 25th birthday!

Thank you, K8 and the beautiful Long Center!

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