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Oh, America!

Apparently, almost nothing can get you kicked out of the Miss American organization.

By Ash Bell, 9:13AM, Fri. May. 15, 2009

Oh, America!

Apparently, nothing can get you dethroned from the Miss USA organization nowadays. Well, almost nothing can get you dethroned. Oh America! Let me count the ways…

For the Current Miss California:

  • Posing topless? A-ok.
  • Being a rampant homophobe? That's cool, too.
  • Seemingly breaching your contract and speaking out for unapproved organizations while in your official role? Contract, schmontract!
  • For the former Miss USA:

  • Not showing up to your events? As long as your behavior can be blamed on alcohol.
  • Doing drugs? Cool.
  • (Alleged) Inappropriate behavior with Miss Teen USA? Fancy!
  • I guess the only thing that can get a lady thrown out is this exact combination of offenses that got Miss Nevada thrown out: "Kissing other young women, exposing one of her breasts, and pulling down her pants to show her thong underwear at a party."


    The only difference between the ones that kept their crown and the now crown-less? Beats me.

    The only possible explanation I see is that all this dethroning happens dependent on the organization you are representing. Therefore, the state that brought us gambling, legalized prostitution, and half-naked show girls has much higher moral standards than California, the Miss USA organization, and it's leader, Donald Trump.

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