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The AggreGAYtor: September 29

Eric Holder gives us his last hoorah, the EEOC gives us T-word justice, and Christians dump the NALT excuse, as your AggreGAYtor test drives Ello. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 10:15AM Mon. Sep. 29, David Estlund

Where the Girls Go/ATX: The Post-Pride Edition

As we pack up the glitter, glowsticks, and strands of baubles and beads; cut off Stargayzer wrist bands, and slide our aGLIFF badges into scrapbooks, Pride Season feels officially put to bed. Lucky for us ATX queers, there's never a lackluster weekend here. You may wish to not pack away that glitter. You're gonna need it. Read More | Comment »

Event Horizon 2:30PM Fri. Sep. 26, Sarah Marloff

Pride Crosswalk Update

It happened in seconds. Without objection, the motion was passed by Austin City Council to direct the City Manager to begin finding the means and method for installing rainbow crosswalks on Bettie Naylor Street, cementing the once-derelict Warehouse District’s center as Austin’s historic “gayborhood.” Read More | Comment »

Made Us Go "Hmmmmm" 2:00PM Fri. Sep. 26, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: September 25

Louisiana follows the trend, the trend lines level off, and Yoweri Museveni vows to give Uganda the Dallas treatment, as your AggreGAYtor harasses Chris Pratt. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 8:30AM Thu. Sep. 25, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: September 22

Houston gets its nuptials on, Brazilians kick up their skirts, and Kelly Osbourne meets royalty, as your AggreGAYtor vogues in purple. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 2:50PM Mon. Sep. 22, David Estlund

Where the Girls Go/ATX: PRIDE Edition

Ya know that saying, "Christmas only comes once a year?" Well, in Austin, we get two. Two Gay Christmases that is, and it's one of our city's most magical of merits. From June's nonconformist QueerBomb, to this weekend's more traditional Pride, there's more than enough gay celebrations for any and all. But don't take my word for it. Go out there and live it up. Read More | Comment »

Event Horizon 8:00AM Fri. Sep. 19, Sarah Marloff

The AggreGAYtor: September 18

Greg Abbott gets a potential gift, Ruth Bader Ginsberg gives us a heads-up, and the trans kids are alright, as your AggreGAYtor poisons hir sister. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 10:30AM Thu. Sep. 18, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: September 17

Quinto does Franco, Symantec eases up, and a concerned Christian disappoints everyone, as your AggreGAYtor goes gender outlaw. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 10:00AM Wed. Sep. 17, David Estlund

Skirt Chasin' Smirk Chasers

One of the uniquely human senses binding all walks of life is the sense of humor. And the indicator of a good comedy show isn't just the quantity of laughter, it is the variety. Last week, Austin Pride kicked off with a special show that highlighted just that variety. Read More | Comment »

Event Horizon 9:15AM Tue. Sep. 16, Erin McArthur

The Inaugural Stargayzer

Today is a new day. As host and drag superstar, Peaches Christ exclaimed Sunday night, “We were here for the first.” The first Stargayzer Festival, that is. And what a festival it was. Read More | Comment »

GP Seal of Approval 8:30AM Tue. Sep. 16, Sarah Marloff

The AggreGAYtor: September 15

Gay stoners roll forward, Facebook shows Sister Roma the door, and Sarah Palin notpologizes, as your AggreGAYtor takes selfies while vacuuming the bathtub. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 8:00AM Tue. Sep. 16, David Estlund

Where the Girls Go/ATX: Music & Movies Edition

Stargayzer and aGLIFF in the same weekend! It’s a cross between heavenly queerness overload, and a cruel game of pick and choose. With that in mind, I’ll try my best not to overwhelm with even more lady/queer-tastic events, but either way, you’re probably going need a power nap after work to rockstar-it through this weekend. Read More | Comment »

Event Horizon 3:50PM Fri. Sep. 12, Sarah Marloff

The AggreGAYtor: September 12

Marriage prepares for a sweep, Texans head west for nuptials, and marriage rights cause all this ISIL/ISIS nonsense, as your AggreGAYtor jiggles the handle. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 8:00AM Fri. Sep. 12, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: September 11

Greg Abbott gives us classes, Sting and Patty Lupone show us how to do that whorey look, and Duck Dynasty does ShaDynasty, as your AggreGAYtor dives for last chance ice. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 8:30AM Thu. Sep. 11, David Estlund

BFFs: Lady Bromance or Romance?

What would it take to get you up a telephone pole despite a crippling fear of heights? For Tara Karsian and Andrea Grano, the ladies who created BFFsscreening tomorrow as part of aGLIFF – it was an attempt at movie magic. Luckily for them, it was a successful attempt that offered one of the most touching (and hilarious) scenes in their 95-minute film. Read More | Comment »

Event Horizon 2:42PM Wed. Sep. 10, Sarah Marloff

The AggreGAYtor: September 9

AGLIFF rolls film, the Castro gets historic, and Russia gets a little sneaky, as your AggreGAYtor checks out freshman orientation. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 9:00AM Tue. Sep. 9, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: September 8

HRC makes good, Penny Campbell moves on, and Kristen Beck gets on the teevee, as your AggreGAYtor captures a focused, non-terminal repeating phantasm. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 9:00AM Mon. Sep. 8, David Estlund

Where the Girls Go/ATX: September Edition

Sometimes the longest weeks are the shortest ones. Tuesday’s start date left a heavy fog that made the last few days feel like a bad omen. Lifted only by last night’s serious Beyonce-bration, we’re now wide awake, with clear skies and a need to shake off the day job. And what better way to do that than partying, laughing, and lounging with the coolest QTs? Read More | Comment »

Event Horizon 3:40PM Fri. Sep. 5, Sarah Marloff

The AggreGAYtor: September 5

Louisiana KO's, Wisconsin and Indiana revive, and Sym the Prole unites and fights, as your AggreGAYtor toots the old horn. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 12:45PM Fri. Sep. 5, David Estlund

Another Profile in HIV Advocacy

As we were working on this week's cover story on local out activist Sym Coronado, a fellow traveler came out on the global scene in HIV Plus Magazine. Greg’ry Revenj has a lot of experience and perspective on where we are and where we can go. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 4:00PM Thu. Sep. 4, David Estlund

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