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The AggreGAYtor: December 18

Texas affects mixed results, Boston gets inclusive, and Scotsmen marry Scotsmen (and nary a sheep is harmed), as your AggreGAYtor comes into the tent. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 8:35AM Thu. Dec. 18, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: December 17

Jimmy fought it, X owns it, New York ups it, and a vet loses it, as your AggreGAYtor practices her verbal vagueing. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 7:00AM Wed. Dec. 17, David Estlund

Vote 4 X

Now, it’s no secret that The Gay Place’s very own Kate Messer is a wealth of queer knowledge, Austin secrets, and writing advice. So it comes as no big shock that she’s been nominated for the AGLCC award “They’re Giving it Away,” an acknowledgement of all that Kate does out of the kindness of her big, gay heart. Read More | Comment »

GP Seal of Approval 1:10PM Tue. Dec. 16, Sarah Marloff

The AggreGAYtor: December 16

ENDA gets some love, F2M gets a new meaning in Austin, and Russia keeps pounding away, as your AggreGAYtor fiddles about. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 8:25AM Tue. Dec. 16, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: December 15

Big Macs remain Benjy free, San Antonio's kids are alright, and Texans plan Spring weddings, as your AggreGAYtor plays Pong with God. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 2:10PM Mon. Dec. 15, David Estlund

Freedom to Marry Comes to Town

Today, marriage equality exists in 35 states, while 15 – including Texas – are still assembling roadblocks against legalization. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 9:30AM Mon. Dec. 15, Sarah Marloff

Where the Girls Go/ATX: Extended Holiday Edition

Sometimes you’ve just got to get away. And that’s exactly what Where the Girls Go/ATX is doing for this lovely holiday season. But we didn’t want to leave y'all in a lurch – frantically searching for the queerest grrrl events and the most festive shenanigans in Austin. So adorn yourself in sequins and suspenders, and get ready for a scandalously good holiday. Read More | Comment »

Event Horizon 1:30PM Fri. Dec. 12, Sarah Marloff

Where the Girls Go/ATX: December Chill Edition

We’re baaack – still full from last week’s fest of food and disheartened with the current state of affairs. No, not Katherine Heigl’s new show, we knew that would be disappointing… . Read More | Comment »

Event Horizon 12:00PM Fri. Dec. 5, Sarah Marloff

The AggreGAYtor: December 5

Texas thinks about marriage, trans kids get a break nationwide, and Congress prepares to punch the economy right in the nards, as your AggreGAYtor gets estranja. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 8:30AM Fri. Dec. 5, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: December 4

Gaymers get together, the federal government gets better, and baseball flashes the leather, as your AggreGAYtor pumps hir handle. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 1:15PM Thu. Dec. 4, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: November 24

Lubbock gets fightin' mad, trans folk are remembered, and Winnie the Pooh gets ridden out of Poland on a rail, as your AggreGAYtor grabs a cup and gets to tapping. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 8:30AM Mon. Nov. 24, David Estlund

Where the Girls Go/ATX: The Peculiar Edition

Sometimes you need a break from the typical Saturday night dance party. And that’s exactly what the next few days are offering our queerest little community. From punktastic drag, to punk rockers and leather, this weekend only pretends to scare the faint of heart. So put your toughest face forward, and get ready for a perfectly peculiar weekend. Read More | Comment »

Event Horizon 12:30PM Fri. Nov. 21, Sarah Marloff

The AggreGAYtor: November 19

Texas justice grinds on, Obamacare rolls forward, and Michiganders go underfoot, as your AggreGAYtor gets back to "The Comeback." Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 8:30AM Wed. Nov. 19, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: November 18

Texans wish for big bucks, Colin Farrell looks out for his bro, and HRC's grade turns out to be based on bonus points, as your AggreGAYtor saves humanity. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 7:30AM Tue. Nov. 18, David Estlund

Mamma Dallas Wants You

Holla, queeeeeeeeen. Stop resting on purdy, and get out them chicken cutlets: Tomorrow, right here in the heart of Texas, HBO is hosting an open drag-queen casting call for a new pilot, Mamma Dallas. Created by Mike White – the mastermind behind Enlightened, Chuck & Buck, and School of Rock – the pilot is scheduled to shoot this March. Read More | Comment »

Event Horizon 4:00PM Fri. Nov. 14, Sarah Marloff

Where the Girls Go/ATX: Extreme Weather Edition

Baby, it’s cold outside. But just because the temperature has decided to take a nosedive into winter – Fall? Where are you, Fall? – doesn’t mean we’re staying in. So bundle yourself tighter, drink a hot toddy, and get ready for a leztastic weekend. Read More | Comment »

Event Horizon 1:30PM Fri. Nov. 14, Sarah Marloff

Rainbow Powers Activate

After the standing-room-only meeting this past Monday, the proposal to paint crosswalks at two Fourth Street intersections rests in the hands of the Austin Arts Commission. A web portal for public input remains open at SpeakupAustin! through Sunday night at midnight. The commission votes at their next meeting, Mon., Nov. 17. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 12:30PM Fri. Nov. 14, Kate X Messer

The AggreGAYtor: November 14

Kansans marry, Austin wins at equality, and Bettie Naylor Street gets ready to rumble, as your AggreGAYtor awaits the U.N. invasion. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 9:30AM Fri. Nov. 14, David Estlund

An Imperfect Perfect Score

This week, the Human Rights Campaign issued its annual Municipal Equality Index Scorecard. According to HRC, “the Municipal Equality Index (MEI) examines the laws, policies, and services of municipalities and rates them on the basis of their inclusivity of LGBT people who live and work there.” Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 7:00AM Fri. Nov. 14, Amy Kamp

A Wild and Precious "Theraplay" of Gay Experience

For over 35 years, psychotherapist Steve Cadwell has processed the trauma, the heartbreak, the joy, and the triumph of patients LGBTQIA. Through the lens of his own wild and precious life, spanning an era of gay liberation, he brings this story back to Austin, where he got his start. Read More | Comment »

Celebrate Me Homo 9:00AM Wed. Nov. 12, Carmen Rising

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