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Where the Girls Go/ATX: Off The Grid Edition

Oh, Austin, ya just can't get enough queer. And most weekends, you can fill those desires. This is not one of those weekends. Well, not at first glance. There's no official dance party, pool party, or music showcase. But, luckily for us, all you ever have to do in ATX is dig a bit, and voila! We'll let you in on some of the nooks and crannies we plan to explore. Read More | Comment »

Event Horizon 11:30AM Fri. Jul. 18, Sarah Marloff

The AggreGAYtor: July 18

Singapore steps its Archie up, Texas gets real confused over married couples, and Vancouver bucks a Catholic trend, as your AggreGAYtor throws Huntershade. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 11:00AM Fri. Jul. 18, David Estlund

East Side King at Cheer Up Charlie's Opens Today

East Side King may have long ago disregarded the "East Side" part of their name, but when it comes to empire-building, they take their kingly duties very seriously. Luckily, they do not rule with an iron fist. Courtiers can get a first taste of the new menu items at the new Cheer Up Charlie's location today. Read More | Comment »

GP Seal of Approval 12:45PM Wed. Jul. 16, Brandon Watson

The AggreGAYtor: July 16

Gretchen Carlson climbs the Festivus pole, Dolly Parton comes a-courtin', and Christopher Walken dances the night away, as your AggreGAYtor prepares for Fargo, doncha know. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 12:29PM Wed. Jul. 16, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: July 15

Obama's fist-bump terrorism victim would have choice words for Perry, Singapore may get a little less colonial, and 'ex-gay' reparative therapy claims another victim, as your AggreGAYtor takes to feeling queer and gay. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 9:00AM Tue. Jul. 15, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: July 14

Ian Thorpe makes waves, it gets worse for Jane Doe, and Chris Christie blocks the aisle, as your AggreGAYtor considers compromise. For what?! Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 2:15PM Mon. Jul. 14, David Estlund

Fist Bumps for Equal Rights

When President Barack H. Obama visited Austin yesterday, he set off yet another social media tailspin. Read More | Comment »

Gaylebrities 4:00PM Fri. Jul. 11, Nina Hernandez

Where the Girls Go/ATX: Summer Fun Edition

There's something about summer weekends that bring out the kid in all of us. From daytime adventuring to staying up and out late, everyone's a little bit younger, a little bit less serious in July. For the next three days indulge that inner child. Dance your QT heart out, swim like no one's watching, and fall for a grrrl with a guitar. Read More | Comment »

Event Horizon 1:00PM Fri. Jul. 11, Sarah Marloff

The AggreGAYtor: July 11

President Obama lays down the bump heard 'round the City of Austin, Colorado keeps the aisle open, and Nancy Pelosi sticks to her HRCs, as your AggreGAYtor tunelessly whinges. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 12:25PM Fri. Jul. 11, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: July 10

Colorado has its sweet 16, Ukraine gets shady, and Porno Pete summons disapproval where he can, as your AggreGAYtor samples the umami. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 9:45AM Thu. Jul. 10, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: July 9

Houston gets uppity, HRC gets left behind, and Maggie Gallagher cherry picks her data, as your AggreGAYtor marches on. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 1:30PM Wed. Jul. 9, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: July 8

Sochi gets denuded, Australia confirms our suspicions, and the ancient Greeks shove things down our throats, as your AggreGAYtor scrapes the palimpsest. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 9:30AM Tue. Jul. 8, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: July 7

Obama gays it up, Joan Rivers screws up, and Mississippi goddamn, as your AggreGAYtor dramatically intones, "Oh myyyyy." Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 2:00PM Mon. Jul. 7, David Estlund

The AggreGAYtor: July 4

Obama continues his campaign to take action where Congress won't, Dallas gets tacky tagged, and strident anti-gay voices tend to belong to homosexicals, as your AggreGAYtor lances a lot. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 12:08PM Fri. Jul. 4, David Estlund

Where the Girls Go/ATX: Red, White & Queer Edition

It’s here: the three-day weekend of summer. Granted, most of us will be spending the next few days pool- or river-side, eating grilled meats or soy of some kind, and generally chillaxing with friends. But you’ve gotta come up for air sometimes. So when you get too bored of just hanging out, we’ve got you covered with cute queer options. Read More | Comment »

Celebrate Me Homo 8:00AM Fri. Jul. 4, Sarah Marloff

Boy Meets (Christeene's) World

Christeene performed in Boy George's backyard, and guess who has a new fan? Read More | Comment »

Gaylebrities 11:30AM Thu. Jul. 3, Kate X Messer

Add Another Trio to the aGLIFF Tease

The Austin Gay and Lesbian International Film Festival (aGLIFF) just announced three more films to its roster of the fest’s 27th annual event. Read More | Comment »

Happenings 7:00PM Wed. Jul. 2, Sarah Mortimer and Carmen Rising

The AggreGAYtor: July 2

Texas Democrats push back, Kentucky gets a prenup, and Petticoat Fair falls on its face, as your AggreGAYtor switches from congress of the crow to the congress of families. Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 9:30AM Wed. Jul. 2, David Estlund

Tex Dem Platform Rejects GOP on Gays

In response to the recently adopted Texas Republican Party platform’s embarrassingly backward support for "gay conversion" treatment, Texas Democrats are shooting back with a pointed call to ban “reparative" therapy. Read More | Comment »

Pink Elephants 9:00AM Wed. Jul. 2, Mary Tuma

Find Another Hobby

Austin is one giant Etsy, stitchy, Pinterest board for the terminally bored/creative. Trouble is, kitsch palace Hobby Lobby has long-been the go-to place for the eternally crafty, despite the right-wingery for which it is known and about which so many locals (read: liberal) have bemoaned, even prior to this troubling case. What's an Austin crafter to do? Read More | Comment »

Everything's Political 6:00PM Tue. Jul. 1, Sarah Mortimer and Kate X Messer

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