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Not dissimilar from finding a good job in the Austin food industry, everyone has a nifty trick for mastering a perfectly poached egg. Read More | Comment »

Virginia's On the Range 6:00PM Wed. Jun. 26, 2013, Anna Toon

Robert Nathan Allen Wants You to Eat Some Bugs

Robert Nathan Allen of Little Herds, a nonprofit dedicated to bringing edible insects to market, is thwarting my expectations. Read More | Comment »

Food Artisan Profiles 10:30AM Wed. Jun. 26, 2013, Wayne Alan Brenner

How the Caja China Roasting Box Got Its Nicknames

If you've ever spent the weekend in a small town in Louisiana, you probably observed someone using what is referred to as a "Cajun microwave." It's a rectangular wooden or metal box with a tight fitting lid. Smoke and the mouthwatering aroma of roasting pork were probably pouring out. Read More | Comment »

Artisan Food Products 1:05PM Tue. Jun. 25, 2013, Mick Vann

Tiki Time with Austin's Best Bartenders

There are a few things you can absolutely count on when the United States Bartenders Guild (USBG) throws a party. The obvious one is this is where the best bartenders in the city have an opportunity to strut their stuff for the community. Read More | Comment »

Cocktails 4:30PM Fri. Jun. 21, 2013, Wes Marshall

Farmers Market Report: June 22-23, 2013

The first melons of the year are beginning to come in. Two Happy Children Farm will be bringing the first cantaloupes of the season to the Barton Creek Market and the Cedar Park Market this Saturday. Johnson’s Backyard Garden has had personal size watermelons for a few weeks, and the full size melons can’t be far behind. Read More | Comment »

9:27AM Fri. Jun. 21, 2013, Kate Thornberry

New Farm Debuts at Travaasa with BBQ Bash

Perfectly in step with the current trends of sustainability and farm-to-table dining, Travaasa Austin Spa & Resort has added a farm to their list of attractions. The property includes a garden to supply the restaurant and spa, a flock of chickens for eggs, a stable for the horses, and a creek-side pasture perfect for outdoor entertaining Read More | Comment »

Barbecue 3:10PM Thu. Jun. 20, 2013, Virginia B. Wood

Stateside Serves 'Hey Bartender!' Straight Up

Steve Schneider is a principal bartender and bar manager at Employees Only, an award-winning New York City bar that has been named the world's best cocktail bar. But in the documentary Hey Bartender and in real life, he is the Everyman, the Jimmy Stewart and Tom Hanks of bartenders. Read More | Comment »

Cocktails 2:15PM Thu. Jun. 20, 2013, R.U. Steinberg

Luxurious winemaker Amici Cellars also offers a couple of steals

Want to Start a Winery?

Houstonian John Harris went to U.T. in the Seventies and got a great sales job for a high tech company. After that company sold well, Harris moved to a smart start-up called eFax, which did extremely well. So Harris and a few friends pooled their resources to start a winery called Amici Cellars. Read More | Comment »

Wines 9:00AM Thu. Jun. 20, 2013, Wes Marshall

Plowing Forward

When Rick Perry isn't busy systematically desecrating the rights of women to manage their reproductive health, sometimes he finds time to sign local food bills. This go-round, three bipartisan supported bills were signed into law. Read More | Comment »

Virginia's On the Range 4:35PM Wed. Jun. 19, 2013, Anna Toon

Citywide Talent - Meet the Finalists of Citywide 86'd

After several months of qualifying rounds, the four finalists in Uchiko's Citywide 86'd competition face off tonight at the AT&T Executive Education & Conference Center before a sold out crowd. Here's some background on the contestants that might help handicap the race. Read More | Comment »

Food & Wine Events 4:45PM Mon. Jun. 17, 2013, Carly Yansak

Happy Birthday, County Line

On June 14, 1973, a group of young Texans brought together by family and friendship, a willingness to take chances, and the love of good barbecue, formed a partnership. They found an old cedar chopper's road house on a hill just off Bee Caves Road and re-imagined it as a barbecue restaurant. The County Line dynasty was born. Read More | Comment »

Barbecue 5:45PM Fri. Jun. 14, 2013, Virginia B. Wood

Travaasa Austin BBQ Bash Tickets Still Available

Traavasa Austin, an experiential spa and resort located on the edge of the Balcones Canyonlands Preserve, is throwing a big bash to celebrate the launch of their new organic farm. They've invited some of the state's best pitmasters and brewers to supply the food and drinks. Read More | Comment »

Beer & Food Events 3:35PM Fri. Jun. 14, 2013, Virginia B. Wood

Peached Tortilla Does Austin Proud on Network TV

Austin food truck entrepreneur Eric Silverstein appeared on LIVE with Kelly & Michael this morning, helping the perky hostess prepare the Peached Tortilla's signature barbecue brisket taco. Now his future is in the hands of online voters. Read More | Comment »

Food TV 1:50PM Fri. Jun. 14, 2013, Virginia B. Wood

Got the Stomach for a Month of Meals on Wheels?

Think you like food trailers? Think you can practically live off them for 30 days? Starting today, we’re offering truckstoppers the chance to truly prove their prowess. Read More | Comment »

1:30PM Fri. Jun. 14, 2013, Chase Hoffberger

The Food Issue: Nice Tomatoes

We Austinites are no strangers to signs touting “local produce” at our favorite food joints. Read More | Comment »

1:00PM Fri. Jun. 14, 2013

Farmers Market Report: June 15-16, 2013

They say the way to make a living at farming is to be the first with each seasons delicacies, because folks will line up to buy the first peaches (or asparagus, or corn) of the year. Read More | Comment »

11:59AM Fri. Jun. 14, 2013, Kate Thornberry

The Food Issue: Dude Dining

Last month on The Daily Show, writer David Sedaris theorized to show host Jon Stewart that 80 percent of our population's heterosexual men would be against sharing any kind of after-dinner dessert with another of his kind. Read More | Comment »

8:55AM Fri. Jun. 14, 2013, Chase Hoffberger

Peached Tortilla Competes in Food Truck Challenge Tomorrow

Peached Tortilla food trunk owner Eric Silverstein flew to New York City earlier this week to film a cooking segment as part of LIVE's Truckin' Amazing Cook-Off on the popular syndicated talk show, LIVE with Kelly & Michael which airs on KVUE at 9am CST weekdays. Read More | Comment »

Food TV 2:45PM Thu. Jun. 13, 2013, Virginia B. Wood

The Food Issue: Moonage Daydream

A bachelor in my 40s, I’d never seen a pressure cooker until my final girlfriend whipped up a pot roast in hers on about our fifth date. That’s when she had me. Now married, we’re fonder of that crock pot than most cooking implements. There’s no love of the blender, for instance. I put it down to the time my mate shrugged and threw a handful of weed into it. Read More | Comment »

10:30AM Thu. Jun. 13, 2013, Raoul Hernandez

The Food Issue: Table for One

Freedom is eating the same meal for breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Read More | Comment »

9:10AM Thu. Jun. 13, 2013, Kimberley Jones

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