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Growing Your Own Food

Help Save Swede Farm Dairy!

Regular shoppers at Austin area farmers' markets are bound to know the friendly Carlson family of Swede Farm Dairy – if not by individual names, certainly by their excellent line of goat milk products. Those exemplary products are in danger of disappearing from the markets, but there is a way to help. Read More | Comment »

2:35PM Thu. Aug. 28, Virginia B. Wood

Gilmore Family Chefs Mentor Urban Roots Interns

This summer’s Community Lunch series hosted by Urban Roots kicked off in early June amongst shade-dappled, tablecloth-draped picnic tables full of enthusiastic diners. In its third year, the series of seasonal Friday lunches features meals prepared and served at the Urban Roots Farm by youth farm interns under the tutelage of area chefs. Read More | Comment »

1:20PM Tue. Jun. 24, Maggie Perkins

How Sweet It Is

Raul Vergara and Mark Bradley are serious about bees. Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Fri. Feb. 14, Anna Toon

Urban Farm Debate Intensifies

UPDATED: City Council has postponed discussion of the proposed changes to the urban farm code, pending another stakeholder process. A return to Council is scheduled for Nov. 21. Read More | Comment »

1:06PM Thu. Oct. 17, 2013, Anna Toon

Sowing the Seed

One would only have to take a weekend stroll through one of Austin’s many farmers markets to realize the face of sustainable agriculture is changing. It’s getting younger. As a critical mass of young people reject the industrial food system, a youthful glow has taken over sustainable agriculture. Yes, it’s trendy, but it’s also awesome. Read More | Comment »

10:00AM Mon. Jul. 22, 2013, Anna Toon

Bug Up and Educate Yourself on Entomophagy

They don't taste like chicken, but insects do have their own unique – and delicious – flavor profiles. Oh, and they are considered by many to be the most sustainable protein source on the planet. Read More | Comment »

2:41PM Wed. May. 29, 2013, Jessi Cape

Phoenix Farms Rising

While the average age of an American farmer is nearing 60 years old, in recent years the organic farming movement has experienced an uptick in younger people looking to challenge the norms of conventional farming. As agribusiness moves full steam ahead, it will be up to this new crop of farmers to continue the movement toward a more sustainable food system. Read More | Comment »

10:45AM Thu. Apr. 11, 2013, Anna Toon

Free Community Children's Picnic and Real Food Fair

These rejuvenating rain showers will be replaced with sunshine and warm afternoons by this weekend - perfect picnic weather. This Sunday, April 7, 1pm-5pm, free community event The Children's Picnic and Real Food Fair takes place on the hills of the French Legation Museum (802 San Marcos). Read More | Comment »

3:47PM Wed. Apr. 3, 2013, Jessi Cape

Legislature Hearing More Small Farm/Local Food Bills

On Wednesday, March 20, two bills that remove some of the unnecessary financial barriers for small, local farmers and food producers will be heard by Texas House of Representative committees. Rep. Eddie Rodriguez (D - Austin)and Rep. Susan King (R- Abilene) have each authored bills. Read More | Comment »

1:15PM Tue. Mar. 19, 2013, Virginia B. Wood

HausBar Farms Delights Kids During Spring Break

When Dorsey Barger sold her interest in Eastside Cafe a year ago, she envisioned a life much like generations of her family before her had enjoyed. Read More | Comment »

4:40PM Tue. Mar. 12, 2013, Gracie Salem

'Farm-City, State' Documentary Film in Progress

What if an entire city could feed itself with healthy, organic produce from local farms? Local filmmaker David Barrow poses this question in a documentary focusing on Austin's vibrant and expanding urban farms, farmers' markets, and sustainability minded community. Read More | Comment »

3:00PM Tue. Jan. 8, 2013, Carla Crownover

Farm to Table Learning

The Auguste Escoffier School of Culinary Arts recently broke ground on a new Agricultural Learning Center, an important component of the new Farm to Table curriculum module available to students there. Escoffier Foundation President Michel Escoffier join Austin Mayor Lee Leffingwell and State Representative Eddie Rodriguez at the ceremonies. Read More | Comment »

3:46PM Wed. Aug. 29, 2012, Virginia B. Wood